[DX] Joko NA-asemat kylllastyvat raportteihin?
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[DX] Joko NA-asemat kylllastyvat raportteihin?

Lahetin jokin aika sitten fupin eraalle jenkkiasemalle ja vastaus oli:

"I'm going to be as polite as I can about this, but the fact is, I don't
care.  Don't take this personal, but I don't want to be bothered by DX'ers
and what one must understand, this is a business, not a toy.

I realize the effects of AM, and what it can do, and here is the US, the AM
purist & DX'ers are trying  stop IBOC digital broadcasting, which will bring
big business back to this part of the industry.

I'm not going to confirm anything, because I have no intrest in doing so."

En mainitse aseman tai vastaajan nimea, koska olen tietaakseni ainoa, joka
aseman on taalla pain kuullut. Tulevan LEM-pediksen alla tama ei kylla
oikein motivoi panostamaan raportteihin. Toivottavasti tama ei ilmenna
jotain uutta suuntausta jenkeissa.


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