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Glenn Hauser logs June 20, 2024  View Printable Version 
Friday, June 21 2024

** CUBA. 15140, June 20 at 1906, RHC is on, had been missing from here
for several days, S7/S8 and hard to understand. At first sounds like
Spanish intonation instead of English but maybe just heavy accent as
next speaker recognizably English. Modulation is also breaking up.
Something`s always wrong at RHC (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A [and non]. WORLD OF RADIO 2247 monitoring: confirmed UT
Thursday June 20 at 0137 the 0130 on WRMI 5010, S9/+15 into Bonaire
SDR; and still canceled on 9395, JBA there.

Missed checking Thu Jun 20 at 1630 on SW Gold Radio, Germany, 6160;
anyone hear it?

WORLD OF RADIO 2248 contents: Afghanistan and non, Antarctica and non,
Asia non, (Bolivia), Canada and non, Chile, China, Cuba and non, DRM,
(Ethiopia), (France), (Germany), (Greenland), Indonesia, (Japan),
Kaliningrad, Korea North & South and non, Kurdistan and non, Mongolia,
New Zealand, North America, Oklahoma, (Oman), Sweden, (Taiwan),
Turkey, (UK non), USA, (Uzbekistan), Vanuatu, Vietnam A24; DX
Nostalgia; Lego Retro radio; propagation outlook - (Countries
mentioned along with others not in order)

WOR 2248 available from 0045 UT Friday June 21:
(mp3 stream) https://www.w4uvh.net/wor2248.m3u
(mp3 download) https://www.w4uvh.net/wor2248.mp3
Or via http://www.worldofradio.com/audiomid.html
Also linx to podcast services.
Full schedule: http://www.worldofradio.com/radioskd.html

2030 UT Friday IRRS 1323-Italy;
2200 UT Friday WRMI 9955 to SSE [also web-, phonecast; jammed?];
2230 UT Friday SW Radio, Germany 3975;
0400 UT Saturday WTWW 5085;
1430 UT Saturday SW Radio, Germany 6160;
1730 UT Saturday SW Radio, Germany 3975 & 6160;
1930vUT Saturday WA0RCR 1860-AM [1900/2100];
2300 UT Saturday WTWW 9475;
0000 UT Sunday WRMI 9955 to SSE [also web-, phonecast; jammed?];
0230vUT Sunday WA0RCR 1860-AM [nominal 0315; as late as 0500];
0930 UT Sunday IRRS 9510
1900 UT Sunday IRRS 1323-Italy
2130 UT Sunday SW Radio, Germany 3975 & 6160;
2330 UT Sunday WRMI 7570 to NW;
0030 UT Monday WRMI 7780 to SW;
0300vUT Monday WBCQ Area 51 6160v to WSW;
0830 UT Monday SW Radio, Germany 6160;
1930 UT Monday SW Radio, Germany 3975 & 6160;
0330 UT Tuesday WRMI 7780 to SW [irregular?];
1300 UT Tuesday WRMI 9955 to SSE [also web-, phonecast; jammed?];
2330 UT Tuesday WRMI 9395 to NNW;
2330 UT Tuesday SW Radio, Germany 3975;
1930 UT Wednesday SW Radio, Germany 3975 & 6160;
2100 UT Wednesday WBCQ 7490v to WSW;
0130 UT Thursday WRMI 5010 to S;
1630 UT Thursday SW Radio, Germany 6160.

As noncommercial services, financial support appreciated. Thanks for a
generous check on a US band for Summer Solstice from Gerald T. Pollard,
Raleigh NC, to: Glenn Hauser, P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702.

One may also contribute via PayPal, not necessarily in US funds, to:
woradio at yahoo.com (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. 9395 // 9455, June 20 at 0632, WRMIs parallel this hour
during Supreme Master TV environmental cult, introducing ``worldwide
weather`` --- and then nothing but music! Obviously video grafix only.
Not such a bright idea to put TV soundtrack on radio without adapting!
(Glenn Hauser, OK, WORLD OF RADIO 2248)

** U S A. 15770, Thu June 20 at 2149, WRMI presumably `On the Media`
as now sked, quick check during WOR produxion pause to run the studio
AC, discussing Les Moonves, ex-CEO of CBS, who has been in trouble
again. Would OTM end at 2154 as its podcasts are typically 54 minutes
long, allowing for news on the hour? No, still going at 2155 (Glenn
Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. 5130+, June 20 at 0628, A*ATT of WBCQ is still off again,
tsk4, not even a JBA carrier direct (Glenn Hauser, OK, WORLD OF RADIO

** U S A. 1130 kHz, June 20 at 1859 UT, ``Your home for Wichita`s
classic hits, 104.1 and 1130 AM, KLEY``, and music. So the silly
sportstalk I heard about golf was aberrant, whew. It now has a street
address in Wichita, but site at Wellington barely exceeds Wichita at
`local` level, and you should see the tiny nighttime coverage if were
really one watt; at radio-locator.com which also slogans it ``Music
You Love`` as also on own website, ``From the 70`s 80`s & 90`s``
(Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** VANUATU. 7260, June 20 at 0626, RV remains on air with music S8/S9
direct. I can always tell whether it`s off, but never good enough for
comprehensible listening (Glenn Hauser, OK, WORLD OF RADIO 2248)

This report dispatched at 0104 UT June 21
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JRX Logs: June 20, 2024  View Printable Version 
Thursday, June 20 2024

JRX Logs: June 20, 2024Receiver: Tecsun S-2000 & XHDATA D-808All times Universal Time
ASCENSION ISLAND** 7410. Thu, Jun 20, 2024. 0607-0617, BBC, Ascension Island-ASC, in French. Man announcer presents news; 0611 A conversation with an angolan woman; 0615 Woman and man  talking news; They say about the  International Olympic Committee. Good reception: 45554.
BRAZIL** 6180. Thu, Jun 20, 2024. 2035-2045, Radio Nacional da Amazônia, Brasília-DF, in Portuguese. Mr Brown continues a nice interview with Mrs Bia Ferreira, brazilian singer and musician; 2041 A song by her; ID and local time, 17:43h. Good reception: 45544.** 11780. Thu, Jun 20, 2024. 2021-2034, Radio Nacional da Amazônia, Brasília-DF, in Portuguese. Man announcer, Mr Brown, interviews, by phone, from Paiol Theater, Curitiba-PR, a brazilian singer and musician, Mrs Bia Ferreira; 2032 A song by her. Fair reception: 35533.
CHINA** 7385. Thu, Jun 20, 2024. 2119-2130. China National Radio 5-Cross-Strait Radio, Beijing-CHN, in Chinese. Music; 2122 Man talking and music; 2124 Woman talking; 2128 Woman playing a song without musical instrument; 2129 A song. Fair reception for this transmission target to Taiwan: 45533.** 9745. Thu, Jun 20, 2024. 2131-2145, China National Radio 7-The Greater Bay Radio, Kashgar-CHN, in Cantonese. Woman talking; Music space; 2138 Woman and man announcers talking and music. Fair reception: 35533.
CLANDESTINE** 7605. Thu, Jun 20, 2024. 2047-2057, North Korea Reform Radio, Tashkent-UZB, in Korean. Man announcer makes an interview with a woman; 2058 Woman announcer talking; 2059 Ending. Fair reception: 35533. Parallel logs on 7590UZB and 7620UZB, all sign-off.
CUBA** 5025. Thu, Jun 20, 2024. 0630-0640, Radio Rebelde, Bauta-CUB, in Spanish. Woman and man announcers talking during this log. Barely audible reception: 25311.
NEW ZEALAND** 15720. Thu, Jun 20, 2024. 2059-2117, RNZ Pacific, Rangitaiki-NZL, in English. IS,  beautiful bird sound IS!!; 2100 Time pips and ID by man announcer; Man announcer and collaborators, woman and man news reporters present news; 2109 Fast drums sound and woman announcer talking; 2110 She interviews a man. Very good to barely excellent reception: 55544 to 55555!!
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA** 7435. Thu, Jun 20, 2024. 0618-0625, Radio Martí, Greenville-NC, in Spanish. Man announcer and collaborators present sport news and say about The Latin American Football Championship and the role of CONCACAF (The Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football); ID. Fair reception: 45433.
JRX (José Ronaldo Xavier, 75)Cabedelo-PB, Brazil (UTC-3)
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logs Thur June 20  View Printable Version 
Thursday, June 20 2024


11540.009 kHz TUR President Erdogan's jamming broadcast via Emirler site,
against Kurdish culture CO - CHANNEL today at 07.40 UT on

11544.994 kHz Kurdish female talk, in Doha Qatar Perseus SDR unit remotedly
like S=9+20dB. 'Denge Gel' radio these days likely via (?) Yerevan Gavar
bcast relay center instead of Tashkent UZB relay center in CeAS, at 07.44

11730.009 IRAN VoI.T.Iran IRIB Dari sce to AFG/PAK/eastern Iran border

at 07.35 UT June 20, very low modulation, S=9 +20dB scheduled 0555-0820 UT.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 20)

-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
From: DF5SX@darc.de

Sent: Monday, June 17, 2024

11520.005 kHz TUR Pres Erdogan's jamming broadcast via Emirler site,
against Kurdish culture CO - CHANNEL today at 07.20 UT on

11519.991 kHz Kurdish ladies singer group, same signal strength noted
in Doha Qatar Perseus SDR unit remotedly. 'Denge Gel' radio these days
likely via (?) Yerevan Gavar Armenia bcast relay center, at 07.22 UT.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 17)
_ Hard-Core-DX mailing list

Hard-Core-DX mailing list


Some loggings from Masset, BC  View Printable Version 
Thursday, June 20 2024

Good evening, everyone. I arrived in Masset last Friday for a 12 day
visit. Usually, this entails a lot of maintenance work to our 4.4 acre
ocean-front property, including on the various antennas we have here on the
property, as well as the numerous SDRs. However, I made it a priority to
also listen, including live which I did getting up before 2 AM and
listening overnight. I was most delighted to hear how very strong Radio
Vanuatu was propagating my way. So here's a sampling of what was heard
mostly overnight, including Voice of Mongolia, an old friend.
73, Walt Salmaniw Masset, BC

AUSTRALIA 6230, 1336-, VMW Jun 19 Good reception with marine forecast by
Australian English accented OM. Cochannel in AM is the presumed Sound of
Hope jammer. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

BOLIVIA 3310, 0936-, Radio Mosoj Chaski Jun 19 Fair reception with talk,
but a fair amount of summer static to make listening comfortable. Not sure
of language, but should be in Quechua. Almost all talk during the 10
minutes of monitoring. Checked some South American kiwiSDRs, and not a lot
different than my reception. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

CANADA 6218.570, 1318-, Iqaluit Coast Guard Radio Jun 19 Perhaps on the
wrong frequency, and a bit distorted. I caught the tail end of the
broadcast, including, 'This is Iqaluit Coast Guard Radio, out', and off.
Checking later, the nominal frequency is 6218.6. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

CHINA 13810, 1052-, CNR Jun 19 100% decode on this channel. // to 15760
also with perfect copy. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

JAPAN 11815, 1408-, NHK Radio Japan Jun 19 Excellent reception of the rare
English Radio Japan broadcasts, especially direct from Japan. A story
about a gay couple in Thailand. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

JAPAN 5920, 1308-, Shiokaze Jun 19 Excellent reception with their English
broadcast (weekly) and // to 5965, also very strong, but latter has weaker
cochannel Chinese station. Female announcer is a little difficult to
follow with her thick Japanese accent. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

MARSHAL ISLANDS 1098, 1057-, Radio Marshalls Jun 19 Very nice reception
with pleasant Islands music. Besides splatter from 1090, reception is
otherwise very acceptable. A good night to put my various antennas to the
test, and they all performed very well, including a new home brew 20'
vertical, and a K9AY array from Quiet Radio (David Evans) in the UK, who
confirmed that I was the first user in North America. Thanks, Dave! (who
is a worthy successor to the late Andy Ilkin of Wellbrook Communications).
I continued to listen and indeed at 11:30, a male announcer came on,
presumably with close-down announcement followed by the Marshalese National
Anthem. Open carrier remained. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

MONGOLIA 12014.873, 1259-, Voice of Mongolia Jun 19 Same buzzy transmitter
at strong level and the characteristic VOM off frequency. Japanese listed
again. I again noted a digital (RTTY or NAVTEX like) signal, this time
above the channel on 12016.5 and 12017.5, just like on 12085, so I wonder
whether there's a relationship between VOM and the digital signal?.
(Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

MONGOLIA 12084.874, 1045-, Voice of Mongolia Jun 19 Strong reception, but
modulation similar to Radio Cairo's with muddy audio and a loud transmitter
hum easily seen on multiple frequencies on the waterfall. I can recognize
that it's Japanese. Too bad, as it would produce armchair copy otherwise.
A long time since I've tuned them in! Returned at 10:58 to hear the
sign-off announcement mentioning Voice of Mongolia, and giving website.
Transmitter cut at 11:00 UTC. I'm pretty certain that this is coming off
the back of their antenna, as the azimuth of the transmitter is 116 degrees
SE towards Japan. Received well on all my antennas here in Masset.
(Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

NEW ZEALAND 6224, 1350-, ZLM Taupo Maritime Radio Jun 19 Very good
reception with machine generated marine forecast. Accent is easier to
follow compared to the Australian meteo broadcast!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

NORTH KOREA 6140, 1055-, KCBS Jun 19 I don't know what the issue is with
the DRM from North Korea. Signal is strong on both this channel and 3205
but zero decode. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

PERU 4810, 0946-, Radio Logos Jun 19 Almost good reception if it wasn't for
the CODAR below and digital hash above the channel. Music. Improving when
rechecked at 09:59, with music continuing. Waiting for an ID at the TOH.
Might have been one but very short, so not 100% certain. Continues speaking
past 10:04. Rechecking at 10:29, the digital noise above the channel is
gone, so much easier to hear now. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

TAIWAN 6279.848, 1345-, Sound of Hope Jun 19 Characteristically off channel
and not sounding anything like CNR at good level at this time. A rarity
that there's no CNR jammer on channel and the strength of the signal. Back
and forth between rapid speaking woman and male. Presumably in Mandarin.
Found a parallel at 13:56, also on offset channel of 6214.937 with no
jammer. Equally strong. They're always listed as '1 kW', but who knows
the accuracy of that. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

USA 15150, 0507-, WMLK Jun 20 Superb reception of WMLK
preaching....presumably a historical recording of Elder Jacob O. Meyer.
Perfect modulation, unlike so many other broadcasters. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

VANUATU 7260, 0920-, Radio Vanuatu Jun 19 Excellent reception with Bislama
talk by YL about domestic violence, then local vocal music accompanied by
guitar. Signal spreads across 18 kHz. Radio Vanuatu ID at 09:29. Radio
Vanuatu, Voice of Unity at 09:31. Continues in Bislama. Drums at 09:32.
(Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

VATICAN CITY (NON) 11805, 1230-, Vatican Radio Jun 19 Tone until 12:30,
then brief modernized VR IS and into Russian program via Tinang,
Philippines. Excellent strength. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

VIETNAM 12020, 1209-, Voice of Vietnam Jun 19 Excellent strength in listed
Japanese with a YL sounding very much like a native speaker. Some digital
cochannel audible on 12017.5 and 12018.5. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)
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Glenn Hauser Log Roundup June 13-19, 2024  View Printable Version 
Thursday, June 20 2024

Please note and spread the word - for those not on a list where my almost-daily all-band but mainly SW log reports appear -- or for those who are but find this a more convenient archive, weekly merged roundups of all these reports in their original form are posted early every UT Thursday via:


The latest one direct:

73, Glenn Hauser
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