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Wolfgang Bueschel log  View Printable Version 
Friday, October 18 2019

PERU 4774.914 kHz Checked your Iceland SDR rx tune at 00.12 UT Oct 18 in
Perseus net unit Hanson MA-US eastern state, and unit at Detroit MI state,
but area is CODAR signal 'infested'.

CUBA yes as Glenn reported the other day, RHC Bauta in 60 mb is on odd fq
of 5040.052 kHz at 00.30 UT on Oct 18. S=9+30dB powerhouse noted in Cape
Canaveral FL state. ID in Arabic (!) noted at 00.30 UT and followed by
typical Radio Cairo traditional Arabic ! mx of the 60ties at 00.31 UT.

4765even String noted at 00.32 UT of R Progreso Bejucal old USSR relay
site, carrier test and 2 seconds of music on air, then regular program
started a minute later around 00.33 UT, S=9+25dB at Cape Canaveral FL SDR rx

5990even CRI Beijing in Spanish via Latin American relay site at Quivican
San Felipe TITAN 250 kW site, S=9+35dB powerhouse in FL state SDR rx.

5999.994 RHC Quivican in English, low modulated but super strong carrier
though. S=9+35dB at 00.41 UT in Florida remote SDR rx.

USA 5829.985 WTWW English fair S=8 at 00-36 UT.

UNID (!) 6009.988 mixture of 3 unidentified signal mixture of S=7 level,
intermodulated on that channel at 00.44 UT on Oct 18.

MEXICO 6184.998 XEPPM Radio Educacion from Mexico D.F. S=8 or -78dBm
signal in remote SDR rx unit at 00.46 UT on Oct 18.

73 wolfie df5sx


Conferma QSL speciale Radio Taiwan International  View Printable Version 
Friday, October 18 2019


Ecco i dati relativi alla conferma QSL ricevuta ad ottobre

- R. TAIWAN International 9540 kHz Tamsui, Taiwan 30/08/2019 18.00 UTC -
Indirizzo: RTI- P.O.Box 123-199, Taipei, 11199, Taiwan con una QSL speciale
+ una cartolina turistica in 47 giorni. Rapporto d'ascolto inviato a
Le cartoline QSL sono visionabili al seguente URL:

73 da Nino Marabello
Treviso, Italy
Antenna: filare 6 metri


SWLDXBulgaria News October 17-18  View Printable Version 
Friday, October 18 2019


CHINA Winter B-19 frequency changes of China Radio International:

GERMANY New extended schedule of Shortwave Radio for Europe in 75mb/49mb
1000-2300 on 3975 WIS 001 kW / non-dir to NWEu English Daily, ex 16-23UTC
1000-2200 on 6160 WIS 001 kW / non-dir to NWEu English Daily, ex 16-22UTC
Skyline Radio Germany will be on air on October 26 via transmitter Winsen:
1300-1900 on 3975 WIS 001 kW / non-dir to NWEu Saturday, before Halloween
Skyline Radio Germany, 20 years on air. Reception reports and comments to:
P.O.Box 2702,6049 ZG Herten,The Netherlands or<skylineradiogermany@web.de>

GERMANY(non) Studio 52 will be on air via MBR Nauen on October 26
1000-1600 on 5990 NAU 125 kW / 233 deg to WeEu English/Dutch Sat

GREECE Reception of Voice of Greece on 9420 kHz, October 18
0652&0656 on 9420 AVL 150 kW / 323 deg to WeEu Greek*tx#3
*Arabic/Serbian nx and transmitter switches off at 0702UT.

NUMBERS STATION Good signal of S06s Russian Lady in 25mb, October 18
0630-0636 on 12140 on 5760 unknown secret tx site to Eu Russian CUSB:

NUMBERS STATION Good signal of Cuban Spy Numbers HM01 in 31mb October 18
0700-0750 on 9330 secret tx, probably BEJ 050 kW Spanish Sun/Mon/Wed/Fri.
NO SIGNAL on 9330 BCQ 500 kW / 060 deg to N/ME WBCQ-6 Super Power Station

NUMBERS STATION Good signal of E11 Oblique in 31mb, October 18
0715-0718 on 9963 unknown secret tx site to Eu English USB mode

NUMBERS STATION Reception of E11 Oblique in 49mb on October 18:
0820-0830 on 5941 unknown secret tx site to Eu English USB, fair

NUMBERS STATION Reception of S06s Russian Lady in 50mb on October 18:
0900-0906 on 5744 unknown secret tx site to Eu Russian CUSB, poor/weak

NUMBERS STATION Fair signal of E11 Oblique in 41mb, October 18
1000-1010 on 7317 unknown secret tx site to Eu English USB mode

NUMBERS STATION Reception of S11a Cherta in 41mb on October 18
1020-1023 on 7469 unknown secret tx site to Eu Russian USB, fair

TAJIKISTAN(non) Frequency change of Radio Free Asia from October 1:
1230-1330 NF 9370 DB 200 kW / 125 deg to SEAs Burmese, ex 13630 DHA
Full updated schedule of Radio Free Asia can be found here

THAILAND Updated schedule of HSK9 Radio Thailand World Service from
October 1:
1100-1115 on 5875 UDO 250 kW / 144 deg to SEAs Bahasa Malay, intead of

1115-1130 on 5875 UDO 250 kW / 144 deg to SEAs Chinese, instead of Khmer
1130-1145 on 5875 UDO 250 kW / 030 deg to SEAs English, instead of Lao
1145-1200 on 5875 UDO 250 kW / 284 deg to SEAs English, instead of Burmese
1300-1315 on 9390 UDO 250 kW / 054 deg to EaAs English, instead of Japanese
2000-2015 on 9920 UDO 250 kW / 321 deg to WeEu English, instead of German
Full updated schedule of HSK9 Radio Thailand World Service can be found here

TURKEY Voice of Turkey in Turkish on odd frequency 13635.7 kHz, October
0600-1255 on 13635.7 EMR 500 kW / 310 deg to WeEu Turkish, instead of
0600-1155 on 11675.0 EMR 500 kW / 150 deg to WeAs Turkish-11675.7 till
Something`s always wrong at TRT Voice of Turkey Emerler transmitting


USA New winter B-19 frequency of WRMI-03, probably for Supreme Master
2100-0500 NF 6060 RMI 100 kW / 160 deg to LaAm English Daily, replacing
2100-0100 on 4980 RMI 100 kW / 160 deg to LaAm English Daily SMTV Summer


USA Good signal of World Harvest Radio Int Angel 2, October 18
0500-0515 on 9825 HRI 250 kW / 047 deg to WeEu French Fri and
0515-0600 on 9825 HRI 250 kW / 047 deg to WeEu English Daily.

USA Reception of Brother Stair via WRMI-6,8 & 1, October 18
from 0600 on 9395 RMI 100 kW / 355 deg to ENAm English, fair
from 0600 on 9455 RMI 100 kW / 355 deg to ENAm English, fair
from 0630 on 7780 RMI 100 kW / 044 deg to WeEu English, weak

USA(non) Winter B-19 frequency changes of Adventist World Radio
Additional languages: Kyrgyz; Khasi; Nigerian Pidgin and Tala
Cancelled languages: Afar, Kabyle and Wolof + two Hindi prgrs


73! Ivo Ivanov
More information on the shortwave listening hobby,
please visit to http://swldxbulgaria.blogspot.com

QTH-1: Patreshko, Bulgaria
Receiver: Afedri SDR
Software: SDR-Console v2.3(using remote connection)
Antennas: various Inverted V and beverage antennas.

QTH-2: Sofia OK2, Bulgaria
Receiver: Sony ICF-2001D
Antenna: 30 m. long wire


�tf-8?q?LRA 36, Radio Nacional Arcángel San G �tf-8?q?abriel special transmission Saturday 20th Oct  View Printable Version 
Friday, October 18 2019

LRA 36, Radio Nacional Arcángel San Gabriel special transmission Saturday
20th October, more details in Grupo de Radioescucha Argentino website:


LRA 36 will be on air Saturday 20th of October with a special transmission
due tu its 40th anniversary:


El domingo 20 de Octubre de 2019 , LRA36 Radio Nacional San Gabriel, la
emisora de la Antártida Argentina celebra su 40 aniversario y RAE Argentina
al Mundo participa con un programa especial en sus diferentes idiomas de

En efecto, este domingo, desde las 12.00 UTC y por la frecuencia de 15476
khz desde Base Esperanza, en Antártida Argentina habrá un programa
presentado por las conductoras de LRA36 y a partir de las 13.00 UTC se
transmitirán los programas producidos por RAE de acuerdo a este esquema

13:10 a 13:20 Ingles
13:20 a 13:30 Frances
13:30 a 13:40 Chino
13:40 a 13:50 Italiano
13:50 a 14:00 Japones
14:00 a 14:10 Aleman
14:10 a 14:30 Español (Especial de ACTUALIDAD DX )

REPETICIONES DOMINGO 20 de octubre desde LAS 17:00 y luego desde las 23:00
UTC siempre por 15476 khz

De 20 a23 UTC se emitirá música, identificaciones, saludos y contenidos
generales en español

Los informes de recepción serán verificados por un Certificado Digital

Enviarlos a: [lra36@hotmail.com](mailto:lra36@hotmail.com)

Manuel Méndez
Lugo, Spain


Logs of Oct 18, at 10.45 to 13.00 UT time range  View Printable Version 
Friday, October 18 2019


Logs of Oct 18, 10.45 to 13.00 UT, noted signals in western Germany, and
Japan (Hiroshima and Tokyo North) remote SDR rx.

9399.973 PHL FEBC Iba, Mandarin sce 'Radio Liangyou' Hong Kong sce,
S=5-6 in Germany, 10.57 UT on air, 10.30-14.00 UT scheduled.
10.5 kHz wideband audio block visible on screen.
9749.806 KWT Radio Kuwait Arabic on much odd fq, BAD MIXTURE signal,
hit heavily co-channel NHK Radio Japan Yamata on even
9750 kHz, S=5-6 in Germany, 11.07 UT on Oct 18.

9794.976 PHL FEBC Iba in Vietnamese, 11-12 UT, S=5-6 signal at 11.11 UT.
9820.005 CHN CNR2 program from Xian site, Mandarin 11.13 UT, S=5-6.
9870.007 GUM AWR KSDA Agat in Mandarin, S=5-6 in Germany, 11.15 UT.
9910even GUM KTWR Agana Guam, Chinese, scheduled at 10.58-11.59 UT,
at 11.17 UT on Oct 18, S=8-9 strength.
9930even PLW T8WH Palau. music only program Mon-Fri 11-12 UT, S=8-9
at 11.19 UT. 10.4 kHz wideband audio.
EXCELLENT TXion performance from Pacific into central Europe.
12120even GUM KTWR Agana Guam, S=8 at 11.22 UT, BUT little UTE QRM
some high speed RTTY interference on v840 Hertz distance two
tones occured on 12119.580v and 12120.420v kHz.
12090.029 GUM KSDA AWR Agat Guam, Russian 11.00-11.30 UT, noted final
symphonic mx piece at 11.28 UT. 9.6 kHz wide audio signal.
11935.046 ARS SBA via MOCI Riyadh-ARS Holy Quran prayer program,
S=9 at 11.35 UT on Oct 18. Schedule 09-12 UT.
11 kHz wide audio block visible.
11904.996 AUS Reach Beyond Radio from Kununurra site, S=9 proper signal
into Europe, Burmese language on Fris only, 11.36 UT 10.5 kHz
11859.967 ARS Republic of Yemen Radio excile sce, via MOCI Riyadh-ARS,
Arabic language program, only S=5 sidelobe signal into Europe.
11.39 UT on Oct 18. Some mx, - soldiers Arabic struggle style.
11854.996 GUM KSDA AWR Agat Guam, Mandarin Chinese program, 11-12 UT,
at 11.41 UT. Religious people chorus, accompanied by piano mx,
poor S=4-5 or -107dBm signal only.
11745.002 ARS Al-Azm Radio, special sce towards Saudi Army on civil war
in Yemen. Poor S=5 at 11.45 UT on Oct 18.
11675.007 TUR VoTurkey from Emirler, Turkish 06-12 UT, S=7 at 11.48 UT.

11460even CHN CNR1 jamming sce from mainland China against S=9+10dB
11459.919 TWN SOH Chinese sce from Taiwan S=8. 17 kHz wideband, 11.50 UT.
at similar same characteristic also on
11440even CHN CNR1 jamming sce from mainland China against S=9+10dB
11439v TWN SOH Chinese sce from Taiwan. 17 kHz wideband.
Also S=9+20dB noted in Gifu Nagara Hiroshima in Japan remote SDR rx.
20 kHz wideband broad bandwith.

11510 UZB Strong empty carrier on air still noted at 11.56 UT,
probably RRTM Telecom Tashkent Uzbekistan bcast center outlet
S=9+10dB into Tokyo remote SDR rx unit. At 12.00-14.30 UT
requested for Voice of Free North Korea clandestine services.

11640even TWN Ahead of VoTWN International, Chinese, a lot of jamming
transmissions, like CNR1 CHN jamming, Chinese Opera Cat sound
jamming, some ECHO's jamming too - all together. At 12.02 UT.
S=9+20dB in Tokyo and Hiroshima, 18 kHz wideband jamming block.
Same 'jammer channels' characteristics noted also against US VoA Mandarin
program on 11785 and 11825 kHz too.
11749.995 AUS Reach Beyond Radio from Kununurra site, Kannada language
sce to South Asia / India, singer group religious S=8-9 into
sidelobe on Japanese SDR rx, 12.04 UT flute mx.
11864.997 KRE Far too high frequency selection by Voice of Korea, Kujang,
in Japanese at 12.09 UT time slot in winter season.
Far better fq selection would be usage of 31 and/or 49 mb.
11874.997 AUS Reach Beyond Radio from Kununurra site, English language
sce to 310degr South Asia / India, 12.00-12.30 UT, announced
new 11945 kHz channel move from Oct 27 in B-19 season.
At 12.22 UT, S=9 in Japan target.
11899.966 AUS Reach Beyond Radio from Kununurra site, in Marwari language
sce on Fris to 335degr South EaAsia, 12.00-12.15 UT, announced
new 11875? kHz channel move from Oct 27 in B-19 season.
At 12.12 UT S=9 in Japan target.
12018.718 VTN Voice of Vietnam from Son Tay site, poor S=5-6 strength,
noted in 12.45 - 13.00 UT, scheduled 10.30-15.30 UT,

variable azimuth of antenna usage,
either Far East Asia azimuth at 57 degrees
or SoEaAsia target at 177 degrees.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 18)


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