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Hear, but no seeing

The Carpet Loop II
An inexpensive, easily built, high performance antenna that can work in almost all apartments. (By David Moisan, N1KGH)

Practical indoor antennas for everybody
Indoor antennas that can be built by anyone: foil antennas, discones, wire beams, attics and tape antennas. (Edited by Wayne M. Sarosi and Hermod Pedersen)

Bird feeder as shortwave antenna
A hidden antenna must be just that: hidden. So don't install an antenna, but something else. Lika a bird feeder. Don't forget the seeds before starting listening... (Written by Wayne M. Sarosi, edited by Hermod Pedersen)

Wooden fence antenna
You have a fence, add a tuner, some wire and a ground rod -- and you have a fine, hidden antenna. (John Matz)

A simple active antenna

Why active antennas aren't perfect

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