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Stunning Loop
K9AY is the loop everybody calls "miraculous", "stunning" and the antenna that beats anything.
We tell you how easy it is to build one. -- Read more --

Flag Antenna

Flag and Pennant
Flag and Pennant antennas are great for those living on less than full section farms.
While the Pennant is easier to build, the Flag is symmetrical and could be made rotatable.

--

More on Loop Antennas

The Hula Loop medium wave DX antenna
Take two children's hula hoops, make a T cross and wind five turns of wire through the hoops. Voilá, you now have a superb medium wave DX antenna. -- Read more --

Comparison of Kiwa and Quantum loops
Which loop is best: Kiwa or Quantum?
Mark Connelly has been doing some tests, showing that the Quantum loop is better is several instances, while the Kiwa loop excels when it comes to nulling. -- Read more --

80/160 m coax receiving loops
There have been several times that the loop has made the differrence between hearing a station or not. Though the antenna is not a beverage, it is a good alternative.
--

Interesting loop for small gardens
The Wellbrook ALA 1530 loop antenna is a nice antenna for those with limited space. But when space is no object, passive antennas are always best. -- Read more --

Modify that AM antenna
Add an external antenna input to your radio. Then add a loop antenna - and go catch some real DX.
Bruce Carter describes all the steps in easy-to-follow details that makes your DX hobby more awarding.
--

An easy to build inductive loop
This inductively coupled booster requires no power, and has no amplifier to introduce noise of its own. It is easy to construct from common material. -- Read more --

Active loop may give you that extra boost
When space is no object, passive antennas are always best. Lacking space, various active antenna may come in handy. Here's a look at British Wellbrooks active loop for the 150 kHz to 30 MHz frequency range.

Add-on loop amplifier
An easy to build amplifiers for your antenna signals, be it from a loop or long wire antenna. -- Read more --
See also:
Amplifier for internal antennas

The Australian 1 metre loop
Werner Funkenhauser describes in detail the loop antenna model he's been using for years to capture lots of rare Trans-Atlantic medium wave stations. -- Read more --

80 Meter Frame Antenna
An excellent description of how to build your own 80 metre loop - and how to modify it for other DX bands.
--

Success with Attic Loop
Lacking outdoor space for that antenna? Here's what to do: Put as much wire in your attic as you possibly can.
--

Wire your home as a House Loop

Use your closet door as "super loop"

Box loop antenna - a simple description

oop resonance for the entire AM band

Experiment with windings of the secondary coil

Fine-tune your homebrew loop antenna

Avoid shielded coax cable for AM loops

Comments on low-noise loop in Sept '95 QST

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