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From: Jerry Berg <76477.1665@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

USA.  7355, WGTG, hrd at 2140 on 7-29 tnx to a call from Chris Lobdell.  Fair
signal, good modulation, some QRM, repeating this anmt: "With Glory to God, this
is radio station WGTG, McCaysville, Georgia.  We are xmtng on 7.355 MHz. for
circuit adjustment purposes.  If you'd
like to give us a reception report, you can call us at area code 706, 492-5944.
Upon receipt of your telephone call, we'll send you a QSL-card.  If you'd like
to write, you can send a reception report to
Radio Station WGTG, P.O. Box 1131, Copper Hill, Tennessee, 37517 U.S.A.  Thank
you."  This is a legitimate operation, not a pirate.  I called and had a nice
conversation with David Frantz, who said they had gone on the air for the first
time around 2000.  They have FCC approval to test at 0900-
1800 ET on Saturdays and Sundays, and expect to begin regular programming in
about three months.  They use a homebrew 50 kw. xmtr into a rhombic, oriented to
Canada and Mexico.  No sign of them at various checks on Sunday 7-30.  Where'd
this come from?!  (Berg.)

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