Digest and old articles of the list
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Digest and old articles of the list

This message is sent by Risto Kotalampi <rko@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
to hard-core-dx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:

Hi all hard-core-dxers!


	If you are interested in to receive hard-core-dx as
a digest once a day rather than every article as separate email,
you are welcome to join list hard-core-dx-digest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

	If you want to join the digest-list, send text (in email body)
"subscribe hard-core-dx-digest" to majordomo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
You may consider unsubscribing hard-core-dx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx if
you are on the digest-list - just send text "unsubscribe hard-core-dx"
to majordomo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


	You can get old articles from hard-core-dx's archive. Send
command "index hard-core-dx" to majordomo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to
receive an index of files and "get hard-core-dx file" to receive
a file you are interested in.

Best 73s!

Risto Kotalampi
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