Somali Pacification??
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Somali Pacification??

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R. Mogadishu has been coming in quite well the past few days and 
indeed right now w/ Q'ran chants.  I have noted and also seen it 
noted by others that they sign on at *0330.  Tonight, they were 
already on when I first checked at 0310. Have they changed their 
hours or are just on early tonight for some reason?  Today is 
certainly not holy day.  Quite a bit of OM anncr reading what sounds 
like a list of names.

Also, has anyone heard the clandestine "Radio Mogadishu, Voice of Somali 
Pacification as noted by BBCMS in Jihad DX #45 Auguest 10.  They were 
noted on 6.722 at 1800 s/off (impossible at that hour, even on East Coast, North 

Has anyone in Europe have any additional information concerning the 
possible authenticity of 6.722 being a 2nd Somali outlet or is it part 
of the 6.870 operation?

RIPPEL, Virginia USA

Chuck Rippel

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