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Re: Radio Cultural

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>Hello to everybody,
>I have problems getting a QSL from Radio Cultural (TGN) in Guatemala. Over 
>the past 4 years I have sent them 5 or 6 reports but up to now I did not 
>get any reply. I have heard about an address in the USA. Do somebody know 
>about it?
Now I'm going to be one of those complaining bores... 
As such I do not mind lots of info, questions, logs, whatever about our common 
hobby. However, we still do have for this...
This list, hard-core-dx, should in my opinion deal _only_ with really hard DX 
stuff such as _new_ stations, _new_ frequencies, rare verie-signers and such. It
should not, repeat not, be a general discussion forum. I for one do not need a 
lot of email in my in-box, I only want HOT dx stuff.
If this list is not soon moderated, I suppose several will sign-off and/or find 
other sources for the real challenging DX stuff. Natural as that may be, it will
still be a pity to such a first trial of doing serious business even in our 
hobby field.
Hermod Pedersen,
Malmo, Sweden
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