RTV Malagasy
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RTV Malagasy

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RTV Malagasy was noted here in the Netherlands. Here is an excerpt from my

 Frequency : 5009.5
 Station   : RTV Malagasy, Madagascar
 Date      : 21-08-95
 Time (UTC): 18:52
 Details   : non-stop pop ballads, 18.59 male announcement, 
             National Anthem, signing-off at 19.00 (SINPO 24332)

Hard-core-DXers in Central or Western Europe can try to catch Radio Vanuatu on
3945 kHz between 19.00 and 19.30 hours UTC. According to one of the
contributors to my tropical bands column in the Benelux DX Club bulletin, they
have been logged in recent weeks. Also NBC Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea is
noted on 4890 kHz around 20.00 hours UTC.

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