DXing Hurricane Luis
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DXing Hurricane Luis

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ZIZ-555 on St. Kitts was heard on late last night (SEP 4, 0437 UTC) with
hurricane evacuation notices. The following MW stations in the hurricane warning
areas are commonly heard here in Connecticut and DXers might wish to monitor
them as this dangerous Category 4 hurricane approaches the northern Antillies
later today:

BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS - ZBVI on 780 kHz is sometimes heard before their early
sign-off; they may be on later tonight.

ANGUILLA - Caribbean Beacon normally has Dr. Gene Scott 24 hours on 690 kHz and
mostly syndicated religious programs on 1610 kHz; both are widely heard. There
is 15-20 minutes of local news on 1610 kHz around 0100 or 0200 UTC most nights.
There is also a small government station on 1505 kHz that has been heard here as

ST. KITTS & NEVIS - Three stations here, all widely heard: ZIZ on 555 kHz on St.
Kitts and the Voice of Nevis on 895 kHz both broadcast much local programming.
TBN also broadcasts 24 hours on 830 kHz, but I've never heard local programming
here (even local IDs are rare).

MONTSERRAT - ZJB on 885 kHz has been logged by Mark Connolly despite the
volcanic activity here; I've never heard them (local WCBS is 50 kW on 880 kHz)
but they do get out. Usually signs off early and may be on late today.

GUADELOUPE - The RFO outlet on 640 kHz normally runs 24 hours in French and is
easily heard.

DOMINICA - The worst of the hurricane is expected to pass to the north of this
island; the government station on 595 kHz may stay on late tonight for emergency

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