R. Apinte?
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R. Apinte?

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I have been listening to a station on 4.990.95 for the last two 
nights playing nearly back to back light pops.  Last night, they 
played things like Yanni and other like musical selections.  I 
listened last night for about 1:15 from about 0245 to 0400*.

I taped the 0400* sign off which consisted of announcements by OM 
anncr, drums and an anthem.  The lightning static is just too bad to 
hear what the announcer said and I am having a tough time with the 

Yes, Nigeria is on 4.990 but they should be signing on, not off in 
the 0400 range.  Besides, I see them listed as *0430 not 0400*

This also does not sound like R. Ancash.  They ID constantly 
throughout all the broadcasts I have ever heard from them.

They are on again right now (0200 UTC) on the same frequency, 
4.990.95 with the same type of music.

Any thoughts out there?

Chuck Rippel

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