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This message is sent by Risto Kotalampi <rko>
to hard-core-dx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:

Hi All Hard Core DXers!

I am sorry I haven't had much time to concentrate on the list lately.

But here are some thoughts about items discussed here:

	At the moment I don't support moderation. I have no time to
	check all the mails. Althought volume is not very high it
	would still mean some work. And... it would mean delays.
	I read emails every day, many times a day but I may have a
	holidays and work trips sometimes. Moderation would mean
	someone else should do it and it would cause delays anyway.
	So, I support self-moderation.

	I haven't had time to wrote this... but original idea was that
	the list would be source of information. Loggings of _new_
	stations or new information about those stations, DX news,
	condition news.

Hard-core-dx and hard-core-dx-digest:
	My policy is not to allow you to be on both lists. Material
	is identical on those lists. Digestified list is sent out
	daily at 0700 UTC. Is it good time?

Invalid addresses:
	There has been some invalid addresses on the list. For example...
	host not found... and most commonly "mailbox" full. The latest has
	occured for some Netcom and AOL clients. I am very untolerated
	with these addresses. Every mail to those addresses bounches back
	to me... and if I get 2-3 bounches from same address I will remove
	his/her address from lists to avoid further bounches. So, if you
	have had temporary problems you are most probably removed from
	the list. So far I have removed about 10 addresses. You are not
	one of them! :)

Inactive members on the list:
	A suggestion that the list would be only open for active hard
	core dxers has been made. That means that only those members who
	send contributions to the list are allowed to be on the list.
	Like... if you send an article to the list (and it meets requirements
	of the charter) you will receive postings of the list for next
	month. And if you don't send anything... you are removed
	from the list.

	Of course this would mean that number of subscribers would reduce
	dramatically but also would mean more articles. And active DXers
	wouldn't have any problems with the requirement.

	Purpose of the list is to be list of active hard core DXers. We
	don't need members who only receive articles and doesn't
	contribute at all. So... I fully support this idea and will do 
	needed software to monitor who is active who is not. On October
	1st, 1995 I will remove those members of the list who haven't
	contributed the list during August/September. In the future
	checks will be made in the end of the every month. So, that
	means, eg. if you don't contribute during October, your name is
	removed from the list on November 1st.

	So.... better to be active!


Risto Kotalampi
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