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Re: Administravia

This message is sent by Risto Kotalampi <rko>
to hard-core-dx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:

> Your policy of removing me from the list because of no contributions during 
> the month of September makes sense to me.
> Having verified 1230 stations on the AM Broadcast Band means its harder to
> hear new stations and TA stations or Pan-American are commonplace here in
> New England a lot of nights during the DX Season.
> What you consider "hard core" must be different from what I consider "hard
> core."  You probably mean more short-wave stuff.
> Real hard core DXers DX the AM Broadcast Band.  Its harder!

We agree with term "hard core". It is much to do with AM DXing.
But in AM DXing geological differences makes it hard to justify what
is hard core and what is not. I see it this way: if it is hard core where
you live, it is welcome here. And even if it is not hard core where you
live... it still may be welcome here because it is hard core for some
of the people on the list.

Example: European AM stations aren't usually hard core for me. But if
I note a new station on European AM I consider it welcome here because
many of you Americans may be interested in. And vice versa... if you
note something new on your local AM dial it certainly isn't hard core 
to you but we Europeans might appreciate that information a lot.
On shortwave situation isn't that simple, as you know.

But.... I think we could have Prime Directive (yes, I am fan of
Star Trek...): an article posted here must include some new information
about that station.

I think that whatever is your level of DXing... 1230 stations verified,
200 stations verified, you find new information to share with others
if you listen actively. Of course... we are hard core DXers and of course
you must have a certain level of knowledge to be a hunter.

Policy change is made because we must do this list better source of
information. A member who don't share information with others are only
waste of bandwidth. To make the list better everyone who receives 
information is also obliged to share information he/she has with others.
Of course, rule of removing passive members is not strict... I
will send everyone who am I going to remove from list a note "you are
too passive... do something, or you will be removed from the list".
You can then beg me not to remove... and make a promise to be more
active next month. I can then consider not removing you yet...

But, I think we all agree that passive members do not offer anything
to the list. Okay, perhaps passive members don't agree and want to
receive these information free without their own contributions.


Risto Kotalampi
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