Removal of a Person from the List
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Removal of a Person from the List

This message is sent by "Jerry Green" <jgreentn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
to hard-core-dx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:

>I couldn't agree with you more.  "Elitist" was exactly the word I was 
>thinking of when I read the initial messages on this topic.  The owner 
>of this list needs to make up his mind on who is to be here and what 
>"hard-core DX" is.  Is it MW only since that is said to be most 
>difficult, which I do not agree with.  This is a hobby and IMO it is 
>the job of hobbyists to promote the hobby not exclude others from 
>learning.  This will be a very lonely list if you go ahead with the 
>rules as suggested.

>Greg Renner

As a person who will be "removed" from this list due to my "passive" 
behaviour, let me explain that there is some flesh and blood behind 
every subscriber to this list.

I have been a dxer since 1966, but now that I am an adult and have to 
support my family I do not have the time to sit down every night and 
attempt to search for the exotic.  Even if I could, I seem to recall 
some discussion among members as to what "hard-core dx" really is.  
Some foks toook umbrance that some of the postings were not 

That being said, I have used the information posted here in an 
attempt to help my son who is just getting into short-wave listening. 
 I guess I can now explain to him that the "veteran hard-core dxers" 
don't care whether he learns the hobby or not since we will soon be 
unceremonisouly removed from the list.

I think the word "elitist" is very appropriate.  It's like telling me 
I can't surf the net with my 486DX2 50 mhz computer.  But If I get a 
Pentium, I'm allowed back in.

I think someone needs to think about the message that is being sent 
here.  Or you can explain it to my son . . . 

Jerry Green
Maryville, TN.
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