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Re: rules

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You wrote: 
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>I find the concept of excluding non-contributors unnecessarily 
elitist. I 
>can understand why you'd want to keep the indicence of non-dx chitchat 
>absolute minimums, but to exclude lurkers serves no useful purpose 
>than making ourselves feel somehow beknighted or special.
>I've been online since 1987, and can state with some certainty that 
>will always be those who will read and never post. That's just the way 

>they are, and you won't change that with rules or regulations. It 
>us nothing to appear in their mailboxes, and they might learn 
>useful in the process.
>There are those who believe that a club just isn't a club until it 
>figures out a way to exclude certain people from joining. I am against 

>anything that contributes to "hoarding" of DX information.
>Al Quaglieri


I couldn't agree with you more.  "Elitist" was exactly the word I was 
thinking of when I read the initial messages on this topic.  The owner 
of this list needs to make up his mind on who is to be here and what 
"hard-core DX" is.  Is it MW only since that is said to be most 
difficult, which I do not agree with.  This is a hobby and IMO it is 
the job of hobbyists to promote the hobby not exclude others from 
learning.  This will be a very lonely list if you go ahead with the 
rules as suggested.

Greg Renner
Secretary of the Minnesota DX Club

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