Administravia, part II
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Administravia, part II

This message is sent by Risto Kotalampi <rko>
to hard-core-dx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:

Thank you for your comments concerning my suggestion to drop out
inactive members from the list.

I will not reply all those mails separately. I hope you find answers
to your arguments on this email.


Yes... common argument on your emails seemes to be that "lurkers"
don't cause any problems. That is not true. Hard-Core-DX-lists
have about 130 subscribers at the moment. I will have to pay about
my international traffic. I have estimated that the list will cost
me about $30-40/month beginning of November, 1995 if number of traffic
remains at the level it is now and number of subscribers is 130.

One solution to this problem would be a relay site in the U.S.A.
Anybody who could offer me such? Relay site = only one email
will be sent to that address and distribution to States would be
done from there. That would reduce traffic caused by the list

And of course... I have already mentioned in the beginning of the
list that some subscriber fees may be collected later. Are you
ready for it? How much would you be ready to pay about the list?
If some payments comes, Andy's (lawendel@xxxxxxxxxxx) suggestion about
separate fees for active and inactive members is worth considering.

2) Mediumwave and shortwave

I haven't said mediumwave is hard core and shortwave is not. Or vice
versa. Both are equally important areas of hard core DXing. I myself
do both... well, actually haven't had time to listen at all
for long time... but maybe soon.

3) How this rule would increase traffic?

How does passive members increase traffic? A requirement to send
contributions would activate many members to share their information.

4) Ok...I withdraw my suggestion... for a while

Okay, okay... I will cancel my "threat" to remove inactive members
from the list so far. No removals of inactive members on the list
will be made yet. I hope my decision satisfied most of you. But
I don't keep this as a final decision... I really have to solve how
to finance the list. At the moment sponsoring this list isn't very
expensive but what happens when number of subscribers will be 200?
500? It certainly will be too expensive to sponsor the list. Then there
are only two choices if I want to keep the list open to everyone:
subscribe fees and/or relay site in the U.S.A.

Well... I hope my threat at least made some of you more active and
contribute to the list... :)


Risto Kotalampi
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