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Hi Risto,

I'm somewhat amused about the debate on restricting the hard-core-list.
Have a look at the utility-guys on the WUN-list. There's a lot of activity.
They even publish a very extensive monthly bulletin. Nobone is asking about
activity or lurkers. So where's the difference? As far as I know the WUN-
list no has more than 500 members and I beleive that's the clue. How many
people are on the hard-core-list? When you are going to restrict I'm shure
you can cancel the list-server at all and provide the material by 
ordinary e-mail. So you can be shure to don't get in contact with any more
potential interesting people. Even a "lurker" inspirated by others can have
a nice hard-core-catch one day. You won't be informed...

On the other hand I agree with some members positions. There are other things
in live than hard-core-dxing (really !!!). I take DXing as a seasonal hobby
(read: _hobby_). In the summer it's asleep and starts when the days become
shorter. And what about people which do not have extraordinary sites (e.g. 
Andy in Milano) and have to arrange every of their DX-sessions??? My own 
situation isn't very good, too. In the house I've a lot of TV-QRM in the 
evening from neighbours. I can forget to do anything in the direction of 
the Pacific on 90m, because it's the most favourite TV-time. So only
the weekends remain when I can start after TV's gone off. OK, additionally
I've to hope that the conditions also know that's weekend :)  You see time for
real hard-core acticities is limited. Also I've to ask what does hard-core
mean? For me with 210 countries verified there are only a very few occasions
I should describe as hard-core. I'm not interested in news about the 51st
peruvian being audible on 60m.

Another technical problem: How do you want to check the activity? By the
e-mail address? OK, I send you a list with the seven different e-mail 
accounts I'm using. Oh yeah, do not forget that one of them is relayed
via a gateway, so what you read at "from:..." is different from the
"to:..." you have to use when replying. Good luck :-0 
I think when you begin to administer the list you'll get a lot of work. 
Checking mail-addresses, answering to angry people you've deleted, 
checking whether inactivity is caused by laziness or routing-problems 
on the net a.s.o. That doesn't make sense. Also I agree with Andy that's 
easy to pretend activity by copying material from one of the several magazines.

I'm hosting the MW-logs in a German DX-publication and I can tell you that
the situation is always the same. You have a lot of members but only a few
ones being active. You can dispell them ... and then close down the club.
And if you are looking for people representing the inner core you'll find
only a very very very few of them. Also they should not only be hard-core- 
DXers they must be active on the net, too.

I think the list has go grow to produce more items. Time will tell.


(this time coming via b0019@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

P.S.: For the activity-counter: Radio Continental, Argentine was good yesterday
at around 1830 on 20276 kHz USB.
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