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Re: Administravia

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On 16 Sep 95 /14:25,  Risto Kotalampi  wrote:

> We agree with term "hard core". It is much to do with AM DXing. But
> in AM DXing geological differences makes it hard to justify what is
> hard core and what is not. I see it this way: if it is hard core
> where you live, it is welcome here. And even if it is not hard core
> where you live... it still may be welcome here because it is hard
> core for some of the people on the list.
Therefore read some of my loggings here: made in SW  the last week;: 
sent otiginally to SWL ist and in Thesaloniki at high QRN due to 
city's electicity etc. 

4925 10.8 	2338  	R Jambi at levels 		IN 1x1x1 
	 28.7	1705	same 					   12343
heared nearly always but at these very low sigs I can imagine it is 
DX , huh? 

4950 	2342  RN Angola msx			PO 2x2x2
the station  has been heared at somehow better signals  in Litohoron 
with only language IDable  , though others not 

6785 	0036	unIDabe on tremendously bad mod against Pakistan 3x1x2
(here if someone knows anything about it) 

15295 RTM for this year inThessaloniki : always abt 11241 howqever in 
Litohoron ( read MT Olympos ) at a place free of QRN signals are of 
levels 34433 (1530- ) 

NOtice that my system  is : 
Lowe HF 150 with a ATU of 'gain ' abt 10-15 dB and twoantennas 6m 
sloped /10m hor 

What do you think about these transmissions: DX or not ? 
However I can think  that R Europe  in 7300 LSB ( of only 500W ) 
at 11111 can be really  a DX catch! 
The most time I listen to SW ( and 99% of my raedio listening goes 
only to SW! ) goes  to freqs below 41 mb 

> Example: European AM stations aren't usually hard core for me. But
> if I note a new station on European AM I consider it welcome here
> because many of you Americans may be interested in.
And vice
> versa... if you note something new on your local AM dial it
> certainly isn't hard core to you but we Europeans might appreciate
> that information a lot. On shortwave situation isn't that simple, as
> you know.

NOe thi is what I can say : 
IN Thesaloniki 6900 of Turkish Meteo Station with ard 33333 is a easy 
catch. How is  received in your area? 
> But.... I think we could have Prime Directive (yes, I am fan of Star
> Trek...): an article posted here must include some new information
> about that station.
> I think that whatever is your level of DXing... 1230 stations
> verified, 200 stations verified, you find new information to share
	200 QSL cards , more than 5000 freq logs in the two last years can 
be quite OK 
> with others if you listen actively. Of course... we are hard core
> DXers and of course you must have a certain level of knowledge to be
> a hunter.

BUt I can't  think that HArd core  can be only for active DXers with 
800 m beverage antennas  who try to listen to  very veery low WM/ LW 
antennas unlistenable otherwise in Europe who afterwards 'blame' the 
normal SW DXers as 'advanced' can't  be  the mean DX type 

I think that my friend Dario Monferini (of R EUrope ) is a true DXer 
sonce he could listen reatively clearly  to signals of 11111 ! 
If someone  has the issue 849 of Play DX can read abt me 

> But, I think we all agree that passive members do not offer anything
> to the list. Okay, perhaps passive members don't agree and want to
> receive these information free without their own contributions.

PS INcase someone is interested abt 
Zacharias Liangas
namanya untuk kawan2 sahaja!
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