Removing passive menbers
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Removing passive menbers

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I think this is a very POOR idea! I belong to 6 mailing lists and none of
the 5 others are doing this to non posters. Yes I respond & post some of my
own to OTR (old time radio list), Boatanchors (tube type SW radio's), and
50's, 60's Nostalgic TV. I hardly ever post to Wildfeeds (sat TV) or 78-l
(for 78 record collectors). However I do read all 6 lists. Yes I LOVE to DX
but I don't have one of those new solid state sets with a digital readout. I
use a Hallicrafters SX-73 and a Hammurland HQ-180C which both have analog
dials. It's rather hard to tell exact frequency on those. Sometimes I have
to catch an ID then look the station up in the WRTH to get the true
frequency if it's not announced. Of course it will be much easier when I get
my R390A working as the freq dial is just like digital. You know what
frequency your listening to. I will give DX logs when I can just don't drop
me for not posting. I normally don't do a lot of "hard core" DXing just
spend maybe 8 hours a week tuniong around the bands. I have a lot of QSL's
from my younger days just haven't sent a signal report in 6 months. Lately
the only reports I mailed to stations were for AM DX tests. That doen't mean
I don't try for the hard stuff. I do my share of 60, 75 & 90 meter DXing
from time to time. I have heard both the BBC and the VOA on 75 meters
several times last winter. I was downloading files via FTP last night around
2 AM central (not paying attention to UTC) while listening to Radio
Austrailia on 31 meters when they announced the opening of a 75 meter
frequency. I tuned down there after a couple of minutes thinking about doing
a signal report for a QSL (reel to reel recorder running) and heard nothing.
Just SSB hams and no Radio Austrailia! I was thinking "hey another DX
catch!: but No Dice, the path just wasn't there. Oh well maybe next time.... 

Robert M. Bratcher Jr.
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