DX Test Reminder
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DX Test Reminder

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          DX Test
Don't forget the Radio Caroline Dublin DX test this weekend. 
Here is a reprint of the text:   
Through some quiet negotiation, I have arranged for
Radio Caroline Dublin to transmit their programming at
a time where reception in North America is possible.  They
have also agreed to honor QSL requests for accurate

Here are the details:

Transmission date:  September 24, 1995
             Time:  0000 - 2000 UTC
        Frequency:  6.260
            Power:  40 Watts

Reports containing 10 - 15 minutes of program details and a 
regular size, self-addressed envelope along with 2 IRC's should
be sent to:

     Radio Caroline
     14, Lower O'Connel Street
     Dublin 1
     Republic of Ireland

Currently, there is no regular Shortwave Broadcast active from
Ireland.  For those seeking NASWA awards, this station may count
toward the NASWA Country of _Northern Ireland_ pending official
notification from the NASWA Country List Committee.

Lastly, I'd like to thank Mr. Bobby Gibbson and the Staff at Radio
Caroline Dublin for their efforts and cooperation in making this 
DX event possible.  What a great way to kick off the 
1995-1996 DX season!

Conditions on September 24th with a full darkness path between
North America and Dublin for just over 6 hours.  Grayline begins at 
05:37UTC and sunrise on that date is at 06:12

Chuck Rippel

Chuck Rippel

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