Re: Identification question
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Re: Identification question

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>I hear a lot of non-english (mostly spanish) stations on 60 and sometimes 90
>meters. Other than knowing the frequency off the dial how do I identify
>these stations? Do they ever answer english signal reports or do I have to
>get a book and somehow write in thier language? How do you Dxers identify
>and QSL stations not speaking a language you understand?

Hi Robert,
for a real identification you will need more than only the frequency.
Especially on the tropical bands there are many stations working on a given
frequency. Additionally, there are a lot of sudden frequency changes made
by the South American stations.
Since 1992 I have been publishing the Tropical Band List, which gives
information about the exact frequency, the transmitting location, the
schedule and languages used, including the text of regular used
announcements and the times of sunrise / sunset of every known transmitter
site, related to the middle of the month a list is printed. That enables
you not only to recognize possible time of reception but also times of
enhanced reception (Gray Line DX).
TBL is updated *permanently*. For North American listeners the new October
edition will be available at the Ontario DX Association ODXA, Box 161,
Station A, Willowdale, Ontario M2N 5S8 in about 10 days.
More information, including book reviews from DX Magazines out of 4
continents, is available on request.

There are books available with reception report forms in several languages,
but I think that North American SWLs will be better informed about offers
in your area. You should write in Spanish to regional South American
broadcasters, or in Portuguese to Brazilian stations.

73, good listening - Willi, DJ6JZ

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