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News from Medium Wave News

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Bulletin Date: 25 September 1995

At 9am local time on 24/9/95  Amber Radio started operation on the AM
frequencies formerly used by SGR and R Broadland (1170kHz for Ipswich, 1251
for Bury St Edmunds & 1152 for Norwich). R Broadland and SGR continue on FM.

All three transmitters are operated in parallel  with local advertising
dropped in. However an interesting programme split was observed around
mid-day 24/9/95. Then 1170 and 1251 were in parallel but 1152 was carrying a
separate programme. Nothing unusual about that you might say, apart from the
fact that it was using exactly the same play list of records presented by a
different DJ. Advert breaks and programmes were not synchronised but at times
the programming got so close that one could easily think 1152 was in parallel
with the other outlets.

Amber radio claims to be aiming at a 35+ age group and is playing music from
the 60s & 70s (plus a few recent tracks that sound as if they are 30 years

(Steve Whitt)

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