Verie-signers for North American AM stations
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Verie-signers for North American AM stations

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Recently I've received a number of QSLs from North American AM stations. 
Here are the three most interesting ones:

840 kHz   CHUR North Bay ON replied with an e-mail QSL - the first such 
verification for me. V/s Randy Pike, who works as the afternoon news & 
sports anchor as well as assignment editor. His (personal?) 
e-mail-address is: piker@xxxxxxxxxxxx  If you don't have CHUR yet, be 
sure to log it soon, because they plan to move to FM on November 1st.

1580 kHz WCNB Connersville IN replied with a letter, a recorded letter and
a T-shirt v/s Mike Peacock, Chief Engineer. According to him, they were
using a reduced power of 4.6 watts (yes, four point six) when I picked
them up. This is probably the lowest power station from North America ever
heard in Finland - I picked up WCNB last January during a DXpedition to
Lapland, Northern Finland. WCNB (used to be WIFE until Oct. 31st 1994)
simulcasts the programming of WIFE "Hitkicker 100" on 100.3 MHz. Call
letters were swapped a year ago. 

1590 kHz WVNA Tuscumbia AL replied with bumper stickers and a letter v/s
Joe Douglas, DJ. This was the first station from Alabama to be heard in
Finland, and according to the v/s, the most distant reception ever for 
their station. WVNA was heard during the same DXpedition as WCNB.

If you need further information about these stations, contact me by e-mail.


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