PNG stations
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PNG stations

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The following PNG frequencies were audible during a bandscan from my home at
0959 on 24 September, 1995.  PNG stations are generally well heard here, and
are very distintive, and easilly distinguished from RRI stations (usually
muffled audio and off frequency).  PNG stations are always on the exact
frequency, with clean audio.  Chinese and Korean stations are the only
others to watch out for at this time, and are also easilly differentiated.
Language is usually Pidgin, but occasionally in English.

3205, 3220, 3235, 3260, 3275 (carrier only), 3315, 3355 (open carrier), 3375
(tentative), 3385, 3395, 3905, and 4890.  None others heard.

           73's,     Walter Salmaniw
                     Victoria, BC, Canada.

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