This weeks offerings from the Ozarks
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This weeks offerings from the Ozarks

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 Greetings from the Ozarks,
 The following stations were logged from Southwestern Missouri.

 Equipment used was a Collins R-391 and Drake R-4B receivers, Antennas are
a 80 Meter Sloper, Verticals for 40 & 20 Meters, a 150' longwire, Homebrew
Antenna Tuner and Preselector, a Radio Shack DSP, Sony CFS-1030 Amp & Spkrs,
Sony TC-WR535 Dual Cassette Deck and a very nice pair of Headphones. Oh yes,
almost forgot the MOST important piece of gear, Coffee by Mr. Coffee!

 Finally figured out the problem with my setup! What I had originally 
attributed to an intermittant problem with the R-391 turned out to be my
connecting 2 receivers via a BNC "T" connector to the same antenna causing
both receivers to perform poorly. Does anyone have plans for a "Receiver
Coupler" or know where one can be purchased for a reasonable price? I don't
have the option of putting up more antennas....

ARGENTINA - Radio Nacional - 6060 - 0957 - OM & YL Ancrs in SS, many mentions
             of Buenos Aires, ID @ 0959 as "Radio Nacional de Buenos Aires
             en la Republica de Argentina", Slogans & Jingles @ 1000, Pounding
             Signal for 50 kW! Sep22 (Trummel-MO)
BANGLADESH - Radio Bangladesh - 7185 - 1230 - YL in EE w/ "This is the General
              Overseas service of Radio Bangladesh" into Regional & World News
              items by YL & OM, No trace of a // freq amongst the 10 or so
              places I checked, Fair Signal w/ some ARO QRM, TNX HJ & Jihad
              for tip! Sep25 (Trummel-MO)
CAMBODIA - National Vo Cambodia (t) - 11940.2 - *1157 - Very weak @ S/On, F/In
            from time to time w/ YL & OM Ancrs during the EE & FF segments,
            Signal improved @ 1240 w/ OM & YL Ancrs in Thai, 1245 S/On of
            another Stn on 11940.5 made things a bit more difficult, almost
            if the Lao Bcst was being jammed, @ 1257 both BBC via Lesotho 
            and I'm pretty sure R. Romania BOTH in English leave the frequency
            a jumbled, mixed & heted mess! I don't understand why the last 2
            suddenly get real audible at the time they do as they are both
            here before this time! Isn't SW Wonderful! Sep23 (Trummel-MO)
CANADA - Radio France Int via CKZU via CBU via CBC via World Radio Network(!)
          6160 - 0820 - OM & YL Ancrs w/ World News in EE, Sports News @ 0845,
          OM @ 0859 w/ "You're listening to the English Service of Radio
          France International." followed by address, @ 0859 OM Ancr w/ " CBC
          Radio News followed by Radio Nederland, this is CBC Radio", Chime &
          into CBC News by OM & YL Ancrs, Radio Nederland programming started
          @ 0905. Mixing w/ UNID station during fades never heard any talk
          just music. Here is the World Radio Network rundown as relayed via
          the CBC:
                     0805-0900 Radio France International
                     0905-1000 Radio Nederland
                     1005-1030 Radio Sweden
                     1030-1100 BBC Europe Today
                     1105-1200 Deutsche Welle
                     1205-1300 Radio Australia
          I would also assume since CKZN St John's is also a CBC station, it
          would also relay these programs as well. Sep26 (Trummel-MO)
         CHNX - 6130 - 0930 - EE News by OM Ancr, Long Ad string, mentioned
          Halifax & "Oldies 106(?)" Jingle, into classic Rock tune. Is this
          one still operating at 28 Watts or have they upped to 500 Watts
          as mentioned in April 95 Listeners Notebook? Poor>Fair Sep26
CLANDESTINE - UNID - 9594.9 - 1315 - Presumed "Clanny" Station here due to
               the very audible "Warble" Jammer present, OM & YL Ancrs w/
               talk fading in & out but never long enough to get a handle on
               the language, Is NOT RFE/RL per latest sked. My best guess 
               would be Republic of Iraq Radio/Vo the Iraqi People operating
               at this time. Hans? Sep23 (Trummel-MO)
HAWAII - KWHR - 13840 - 2145 - EE Religious programming, POUNDING Signal!
          Sep24 (Trummel-MO)
INDONESIA - RRI D'Jakarta - 9524.8 - 1125 - Presumed, with C&Wish Pop Tunes,
             1130 S/On of VOA Greenville, NC was about the same strength &
             impossible to tell what programming was from whom, No trace of
             // 9680 kHz. Sep 25 (Trummel-MO)
MALAYSIA - Radio Malaysia Sibu (t) - 6050 - 1010 - OM & YL Ancrs in presumed
            Iban language, Oriental flavored Instrumental Music bumps between
            talks, Listed // 6060 covered by Argentina, Some CW QRM from a
            Spy# stn on 6051 sending 5L groups (Odd Frequency!), Good Signal
            for listed 10 kW! Sep22 (Trummel-MO)
           Radio Malaysia Kuching - 7160 - 1020 - BEAUTIFUL Instrumental
            Flute Music, YL Ancr in Chinese @ 1029, OM Ancr w/ English News
            @ 1030 and an OVERPOWERING Ham QSO started at the same time, Jazz 
            Music Program started @ 1033 hosted by same OM Ancr, No sign of // 
            4950, Sig level about the same or slightly better than 6050 kHz,
            Also 10 kW, Sep22 (Trummel-MO)
           Radio Malaysia Kuching - 7270 // 4895 - 1050 - OM Ancr in presumed
            Iban language, NOT // to same Listed Network on 6050!, 7270 had
            the best signal this morning & 4895 was poor, both 10 kW, A GREAT
            Opening this AM! Sep22 (Trummel-MO)
MALI - Radio Bamako - 5995.0 // 4835.0 // 4782.7 - 0700 - OM & YL Ancrs in FF,
        Local & HiLife Music, many mentions of Mali, 200 Hz Het from presumed
        Peru on 5995.2 kHz also audible underneath w/ Latin Pop songs, 4835
        Barely audible, 4782.7 fair, 5995 Best, OM w/ presumed Ad in Local
        Lang @ 0708, Long talk by OM in FF @ 0710, ruined @ 0729 by S/On of
        Radio Australia, Sep22 (Trummel-MO)
MEXICO - Radio Educacion XEPPM - 6185 - 0750 - Playing "Support Amnesty Int."
          song w/ Lyrics in SS and EE! I LOVE THIS STATION! "Vatos Unidos"
          song in EE/SS next, great stuff! Sep23 (Trummel-MO)
MONACO - Trans World Radio Monte Carlo - 7110 - 0735 - British Religious pgm,
          OM Ancr @ 0744 w/ TWR-MC ID and frequency given as 7.11 MHz, Local
          Time check and into next program @ 0745, Dominating Signal! Sep23
SOUTH AFRICA - BBC via Meyerton - 11940 - 0627- Chime IS Rptd, OM Ancr in PP
                w/ BBC ID, Big Ben Chimes, into World News, Music Program,
                Pulled Plug Mid-Song @ 0559, BBC WS via Lesotho weakly audible
                after Meyerton S/Off, Good Signal, Sep22 (Trummel-MO)
               TWR via Meyerton - 11730 - 0610 - English Sermon, Good Signal
                & also noted good African 11 MHz sigs from Gabon, Botswana &
                others tonight, Sep22 (Trummel-MO)
VENEZUELA - Radio Rumbos - 9659.5 - 1140 - Talk by OM & YL in SS, Chimes, No
             trace of 4970 this AM, Fair Signal. Sep25 (Trummel-MO)

                         Till next week, Good DXing!


                           "I DX therefore, I AM!"

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