R. Zambia on Internet
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R. Zambia on Internet

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I have just received a verification letter from Christian Voice in Zambia,
for a reception report for April 1st this year. The letter was sent on
September 13th.

A surprise from the letter is an e-mail address: cvoice@xxxxxxxxx
- This might be a first for a shortwave station in Africa!

The current broadcasting schedule is 0930-1700 UTC on 6065 kHz
                                     1700-2030 UTC on 4965 kHz

Reception of CV is excellent here in Cape Town during the evening hours.

The snail address is: Private Bag E606, Lusaka, Zambia
                      Telephone/Facsimile: 274251

More information from the verification letter:

"Christian Voice is a charity, and has only a small team of staff. We have
been pleased, but surprised, at the number of letters from shortwave
enthusiasts around the world. As such, we have found ourselves at times
overwhelmed by the quantity of responses required, and we would like to
apologise for any delay incurred in answering your letter."

"For your information, Christian Voice is based 35 km South West of Lusaka,
Zambia's capital. We are on an 8000 acre farm, and the buildings here include
transmitter, generator, studio, production, technical services, canteen,
administration and multi-track recording studio. The site is full of mango
and jacaranda trees, and although still a building site, is nearing
completion. From our site, we look down over the farm to the Kafue river,
which flows into the Zambezi river and into the vast, man-made Lake Kariba
and then over Victoria Falls."

"Christian Voice was launched on 1st December 1994, and broadcasts at 100kW
using a Continental 418E transmitter and TCI log periodic array antenna.
Future plans include extending broadcasting hours and the launch, subject to
local permission, of an FM service for Lusaka."

"Our programming includes gospel music, Bible teaching, general interest
programmes such as travel, health and agriculture. The programmes are mainly
made here in the Christian Voice studios and are made by Africans for

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