Re: receiver multicouplers
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Re: receiver multicouplers

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>Does anyone have plans for a "Receiver
>Coupler" or know where one can be purchased for a reasonable price? I don't
>have the option of putting up more antennas....

Get a CU-1388 multicoupler from Fair Radio. Goes for $75, has 8 outputs.
The disadvantage is that it uses type-C connectors, which are a bit hard to
come by. You can fairly easily change them to your favorite type if you're
handy with a soldering iron. Fair Radio is at (419) 223-2196.

Alternatively, ICE has a 4 output multicoupler for about $30. You need to
feed it 12  volts, though, and it's IMD performance is not as good as the
CU-1388. I don't recommend it if you live near a MW transmitter. ICE is at
(800) 423-2666.


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