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LOGS: Don Moore, Davenport, Iowa     MOORE@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
      Drake R-8 with two 400' mini-beverages 

BOLIVIA 4682 Radio Paititi 1009-1034 10/19 Mix of various Andean 
mx styles & romantic ballads, w/ OM anmts & greetings after each 
song or two. ID as "Radio Paititi, una emisora del hogar." Poor, 
but best ever heard here. (Moore) 

BOLIVIA 4719.8 Radio Abaroa 0958-1002 10/19 Trop mx & OM talk 
with mentions of Riberalta, but no ID. Obviously this my UNID 
here a few weeks ago. Poor. (Moore) 

ECUADOR 4020 La Voz de Su Amigo 1109-1122 10/18 Romx & ID as 
"Estereo Musical - La Voz de Su Amigo". Poor. (Moore) 

PERU 4606.5 Radio Ayaviri 1007-1009 19/19 Presumed the one with 
barely audible OM Sp talk. (Moore)

PERU 4619.74 Radio Soledad? 1043-1130  Huaynos & YL ancr to 1110, 
when an OM ancr came on with a lot of ads. Thought the ads were 
taped, but then he went into some obviously live material, 
including a time check. No ID, but several mentions of Parcoy in 
the ads, so assume this is Soledad drifting around. Poor-Fair 

PERU 5005 Radio Jaen 1045-1106 10/18 Rel pgm w/ mentions of 
specific listeners in various towns. Anmt about "aqui en la 
provincia de Jaen", but no ID, and into folk mx at 1102. Fair. 

PERU 5498 Radio Lajas 0050-0225 10/18 Weak w/ folk mx - some 
really nice flutes, time checks, comunicados. Mentions of Lajas 
at 0157, 0210 and IDs at 0216, 0222. Switched to tropical mx at 
0200. As Rich McVicar pointed out, Lajas is just west of Chota. 
In fact, it is on the road leading west and north out of Chota to 
Chiclayo, with a branch going to Cutervo. I remember passing 
through the town in 1985, standing in the back of a wooden 
frieght truck on our way back to Chota from Cutervo. We crested a 
hill and Lajas was spread out before us at the bottom of the 
hill. It was a beautiful view, but unfortunately we didn't have 
the camera out. It wasn't that large of a place - maybe a quarter 
of the size of Chota or Cutervo. It's only a few miles from 
Chota, so all the commercial growth probably goes there. (Moore) 

PERU 6536 Rdif Huancabamba 1127-1129 10/18 ID w/ slogan "La 
Estacion Alegre" noted while tuning by. Fair. (Moore) 

PERU 6726 R Satelite 0150-0235 10/19 Exc w/ local nx program to 
0215 and then a long list of comunicados. Most comunicados were 
for the Santa Cruz area, but one was for someone's sister in 
Huancabamba and another for an uncle in Lima. This shows just why 
shortwave is so important for these stations to perform their 
role as a replacement for the telephone! (Moore) 
The above information may be freely reprinted, reposted, and 
otherwise passed on.

Don Moore
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