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to hard-core-dx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:

 9540 VENEZUELA RN in SP @ 0850, Non-stop SAm pops, ID @ 0858 in SP, ENGLISH
      ID @ 0859 by OM, Promo/Jingle string, Nx @ 0901 (Trummel MO 11/15)
 9570 PORTUGAL? RDP Int in PT @ 1928, Soccer game play-by-play w/ 2 OM Ancrs,
      hrd ID @ 1934, not listed in my skeds, special bcst? // 9635
      (Trummel MO 11/15)
 9644.7 COSTA RICA TIFC in SP @ 1958, Relig Mx, full ID @ 1959 "Desde Centro
        Americano, esta es TIFC, Faro del caribe... gave 3 SW frequencies
        5055, 6175 & 9645, Addr, upcoming programs & back to the music.
        I'm beginning to suspect that 9538 is a spur and not another Xmitter,
        I'd still like to know what the 15 Min loop bcst w/ the 101 jingles
        was all about. (Trummel MO 11/15) Woops, I was using my MW loop ant
        for this, no wonder the signal was weak!
 9650 GREECE VOA Kavala in AR @ 2015, Lengthy talks by YL & OM Ancrs, Instr
        Mx bumps, EE clips "I've worked at a commercial station for many
        years", EE slow song @ 2028, YL ancr over song @ 2030, into Nx @ 2031
        including US Govt shut-down, Israel, back to the music pgm @ 2034 w/
        David Bowie, Madonna & others (Trummel MO 11/15)
 9659.7 VENEZUELA R Rumbos in SP @ 0906, "Amancer de Venezuela" "Esta es
        Rumbos", current SAm events, "Muy buenos dias", SAm folk Mx,
        (Trummel MO 11/15)
15049 COSTA RICA RFPI in EG @ 1925, Human evolution (Trummel MO 11/13)
15070 UK BBC Woofferton in EG @ 1927, World Service (Trummel MO 11/13)
15095 SYRIA R Damascus in FR @ 1928, Barbara Streisand Mx, modulation almost
      non-existant (Trummel MO 11/13)
15105 ASCENSION ISL BBC in Hausa @ 1936, African events (Trummel MO 11/13)
15110 MALI CRI in lang @ 1937, World Nx by YL, ID (Trummel MO 11/13)
15140 ECUADOR HCJB in SP @ 1939, Relig Mx, Pounding Sig! (Trummel MO 11/13)
15265 BRAZIL RN in GM @ 1942, Braz Pops, ID, OM Ancr (Trummel MO 11/13)
15300 GABON? RFI in FR @ 1946, Afro Pops, ID, OM Ancr (Trummel MO 11/13)
15315 BONAIR RN in EG @ 1947, Nigerian politics (Trummel MO 11/13)
15325 CANADA RCI in FR @ 1949, World events (Trummel MO 11/13)
15345 ARGENTINA RAE in SP @ 1951, SAm Pops, OM Ancr, classical piano Mx & IS
      @ 2000, "Esta es RAE", audio muffled, usually I hear Morocco here @
      this time, No English? (Trummel MO 11/13)
15365 USA VOA Greenville in FR @ 2004, US Pops (Trummel MO 11/13)
15375 USA WEWN in EG @ 2005, Sermon, weird echo.. (Trummel MO 11/13)
15385 USA KJES in SP @ 2006, YL w/ relig talk, "Esta es palabra de Dios", alt
      freq is 15545 kHz for this per 95 PWBR (Trummel MO 11/13)
15400 ASCENSION ISL BBC in EG @ 2010, World Service (Trummel MO 11/13)
15410 MOROCCO VOA Breich in EG @ 2012, African events (Trummel MO 11/13)
15515 PORTUGAL RDP in EG @ 2014, World News by OM, Poor (Trummel MO 11/13)
15566 USA WYFR in EG @ 2015, Sermon (Trummel MO 11/13)
15580 USA VOA Greenville in EG @ 2015, African service (Trummel MO 11/13)
15590 USA KTBN in EG @ 2016, Pat Roberts special guest (Trummel MO 11/13)
15685 USA WWCR in EG @ 2017, How not to be seen (Trummel MO 11/13)

RTTY: to whoever asked about the VOA RTTY Broadcasts on 6167.2 kHz, here is
      what I've got, it's in ASCII (NOT Baudot) at 110 and/or 300 Baud, No
      idea what the shift is but if you're using HamComm and the signal is
      there, it won't be hard to figure that one out. QSLs are via VOA, 330
      Independence Ave SW, Washington, DC 20547 Attn: Dr. Robert Everett
      Room 4238. I wonder if the Govt Shut down is going to effect this?

Machines: "Classic" Collins R-391/URR & Drake R-4B with a full Xtal deck
Wires: 4-30 MHz Multiband Sloper, 20M Vertical, 250' Longwire, 2' MW Box Loop
Stuff I Built That Worked: Antenna Tuner, Preselector, HamComm Interface
Accessories: Radio Shack DSP-40, Pro60 Headphones, Tape Control Center, Clock
             Sony CFS-1030 Amp & Speakers, TC-WR535 Dual Cassette Deck
Bit Box: 386SX 33000.0 kHz, GeoClock v7.0, HamComm v3.0, MaxFind v3.3 & Edit
QTH: (37.12N 93.17W) Springfield, "The Show-Me State" Missouri, USA


[SECRET MESSAGE to Bob Rock] "American Justice, ask for it by name."
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