NF log memo
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NF log memo

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The logs posted on 26/27 OCT 1995 to various Internet addresses, 
including hard-core DX, were PRELIMINARY (partial) listings only.  

Some confusion may have arisen over whose loggings these were
and about the degree of their completeness.  Loggings were
made by ALL of the DXers involved (Jean Burnell, David Clark,
Mark Connelly, Bruce Conti, Neil Kazaross, and Jim Renfrew).
This was a collaborative effort.  It must be understood that 
logs released to now are NOT a complete set.  The DXpedition 
team is reviewing tapes and notes and quite a bit of additional 
material will be going into the final report.  There will be 
MANY additional logs and a FINAL report that will issued in 

The initial logs were distributed to assist several DXpeditions 
starting over the next few days.  Another intention of the 
preliminary release was to allow the worldwide DX community 
to assist in the resolution of unidentified stations.  The
desire was to get some fresh DX information out to those who
might be to use it.  There was no intention to promote these
listings as the final product or to mislead the public about
which DXers heard the stations listed.

The final report will be the next one issued.  The team members 
are doing thorough cross-checking of all loggings to give the 
best possible document to the DX community.  An opinion has been 
offered that preliminary listings could be miscontrued as the
finished product, so no further interim reports will be sent
beyond those doing the review process.

Any information about unidentified and tentative stations 
listed in the initial log release will be welcomed.  And,
of course, front-line information from other DXpeditions
(e.g. Scotland, Germany, Finland) should help us all.
Such rapid communication is a great advantage of E-mail.

When the official report on the October 1995 Newfoundland 
DXpedition is released, it is hoped that it will set new 
standards for this sort of DX journalism.  If it gives rise
to similar reports from other DXpeditions around the world,
the hobby will be enriched and an important objective of
the teams who made the four Newfoundland DXpeditions succeed
will be realized.

Redistribution of the material is not allowed without permission of
original poster or Kotanet Communications Ltd. Contributions to the
list are very welcome to hard-core-dx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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