03:NF TA logs (so far)
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03:NF TA logs (so far)

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Hello Risto,

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 RK> 1224  NETHERLANDS, Holland FM, Assen (22 kW) - 13 OCT, 0605 - Pop music.

Since Sept. 1st, the station on 1224 Khz. is called Hitradio Veronica. The
Veronica Organisation took over Holland FM a few moths before, and it was
temporary called Hitradio 1224.
The location is not Assen. The transmitter is on board of a ship, which is
anchored near a dyke in the Ijsselmeer. The ship, the M/V Communicator, used to
be the home of Laser 558 and Laser Hot-hits, way back in the eighties.

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