60 & 90 mb DX
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60 & 90 mb DX

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to hard-core-dx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:

Soem signals found the last days - week 

4770 Croatia: checked in 26-10 hours 0140 -45 checked parallel to 1134 wirh msx
As far as I know it is an interrmod product 
Itis possible  that QRMs  to R Nigeria Kaduna  on times after 1800 

an unIDed signal : 
5792  checked at diferent times after 1800 or 1900 UTC  with a very  low
signal  of levels 13131 in a slavic language ( bulgarian? /russian ? )
however I tried to check for parallels in this mb , but nothing  has been found 

today 27 : 
3895 clandestiine V of Communist Party of Iran has been heared ( tentative)
in USB mode ( strange? ) at levels 22332 w QRM  from 3897 ( carrier) .Heared
OM and YL speaking , with mini msx interval  in 1739 

I just adeed Win 95 but Pegasus which I used  in Win3.1 does not work , so I
use only Eudora :((
teman  setia  anda*

Zacharias Liangas
DX sejak 72
anggoata World DC club 2104 
pemakai dgn Win95:))) dan Eudora :((( tapi Pegasus:))))) melainkan 

*semboyan SBC 89

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