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Two days ago I received a letter from R Cancao Nova ( or Zeus ) 

The letter  had the foloowing  material 
A QSL card  for my recption on 7&10-10-94 (!) in english ! 
A letter in portuguese 
and a newspaper   called Jornal CAncao Nova of Oct 95 also in portuguese .
In its page 6 it provides some more details  of their adress as :
rua Joaoa Paolo II S/N
Cx POstal 57
tel 0125 61-2400
Fax    61-2074
CEP 126300-000
CAcoeira Paulista - SP 
As this newspaper  adivsees there is also a TV station of the organization
called also TV Cancao Nova and the backone organization is Fundacao Joao
Paulo II 
This is my second  to slowest reception report 

MY slowest reception report ever was from V of Malaysia  of 29-4-91 received
in 6-10-94 !!! 

teman  setia  anda*

Zacharias Liangas
DX sejak 72
anggoata World DC club 2104 
pemakai dgn Win95:))) dan Eudora :((( tapi Pegasus:))))) melainkan 

*semboyan SBC 89

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