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Re: R. Dniestr address

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On Sun, 5 Nov 1995 11:55:55 +0100 (MET), you wrote:

>        _/_/
>       _/_/   Willi Passmann, Oberhausener Str. 100, 45476 Muelheim, Germany
>      _/_/
>     _/_/   Org. Media Consulting
>    _/_/    M.E.A 65 Magnetic Loop Antenna      TBL Tropical Band List
>   _/_/


	I noted in your signature, M.E.A 65 Magnetic Loop Antenna and TBL
Tropical Band List. Would you like to tell me about them?
	I am after a good Loop Antenna, if it's available in Australia or can
it be sent to me. Thanks in advance.
cheers and 73's, John

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