SHEIGRA DXPD News/Help needed
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SHEIGRA DXPD News/Help needed

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NEWS (please credit to "Sheigra DX-pedition via MWN")
Radio Vision Cristiana moved from 532kHz to 535kHz sometime between 1st & 2nd
November. Now on 535 only on USB (it is possible to hear R Grenada on 535

Voice of Barbados is off channel on 789.8kHz. Heard as late as 0800UTC so
probably 24hr operation now.

WRSJ 1560kHz Bayamon, Purto Rico is now a full time English language all-news
station. Currently listed as Spanish Easy Listening format.

1450kHz using slogans like "Today's hits.. continuous hits", "More hit songs
back to back" music like Bon Jovi, U2, Bruce Springsteen, Sting, Cher, Eric
Clapton. Mostly back to back records, some short sung jingles. Jingle instead
of US-style legal ID at 0800 (unfortunately only weakly heard). Also heard
slogan by Latin American accented female (in English) possibly with reference
to Cuba. Heard this station at 0558UTC 3/11 and 0747UTC 4/11. 

Propagation at time of reception was strongly to Caribbean & S America. This
signal never was strong but had some good peaks. Don't think this is Bermuda
- VSB heard around 2200-2300 most nights and carries a country music format.
Could this be Radio Maboa, Cuba??

1570kHz "Good Country 15-70"; station clearly heard for just one minute over
R Amanecer International at 2356UTC 3/11. Slogan heard twice during a
promotion to win cinema tickets for a private 3-D screening of Ace Ventura's
"When Nature Calls" at the Drummond (???)  Theatre, Sudbury (?? sounded like

My lists show no 1570 station serving any Sudbury (Ontario, Massachussetts or
New Hampshire!!). 

Propagation was strongly favouring Central & S America. Suspect reception
co-incides with sunset at station location possibly just before station
switched to reduced night power.

I have thoroughly checked dozens of publications in my possession but have
found no clues to these two stations. Can anyone help?

DX heard from Alaska down to Argentina and most points in between. Nine new
UK FIRSTS logged and identified in first week of a four week DX-pedition to
Sheigra, NW Scotland. Tentative logging made of HCJB DX test - tape needs
analysing to resolve a suspected morse signal. Full report will appear in
next issue of Medium Wave News.


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