AM DX NewsFlash 11-9-95
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AM DX NewsFlash 11-9-95

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CPC DX tests summary


For anyone interested, here's a reminder of upcoming DX tests from IRCA and
NRC.  If anyone has any additions or corrections, please contact me.

Please note:  Also, the QSL addresses for these stations are posted in

Monday, November 13, 1995 - WVAM-1430, Altoona, PA 1:30-2:00 am EST.  (IRCA)

Monday, November 13, 1995 - KNXN-1470, Sierra Vista, AZ 2:00-2:30 am EST. (IRCA)

Monday, November 13, 1995 - KATD-990, Concord, CA 3:00-3:30 am EST. (IRCA)

Monday, November 20, 1995 - WDCS-1190, Cobleskill, NY 12:00-12:30 am EST. (NRC)
  (NOTE: This HAD been listed as WKBO - disregard these calls, please)

Monday, November 20, 1995 - WOON-1240, Woonsocket, RI 1:00-2:00 am EST. (IRCA)

Monday, November 20, 1995 - KLCL-1470, Westlake, LA 3:30-4:00 am EST.  (IRCA)

Monday, November 27, 1995 - WJYM-730, Perrysburg, OH 12:00-12:30 am EST. (IRCA)

Sunday, December 3, 1995 - HCJB-690, Quito, Ecuador 1:00-1:15 am EST.

Monday, December 4, 1995 - WIXN-1460, Dixon, IL 1:30-2:30 am EST. (IRCA)

Monday, December 11, 1995 - WPWA-1590, Aston, PA 12:00-12:30 am EST. (IRCA)

Sunday, December 17, 1995 - WGDN-1350, Gladwin, MI 12:30-1:00 am EST. (IRCA)

Monday, December 18, 1995 - WCGW-770, Versailles, KY 1:00-1:30 am EST.  (IRCA)

Monday, December 18, 1995 - WVLK-590, Lexington, KY 2:30-3:00 am EST.  (IRCA)

Monday, December 30, 1995 - CKGY-1170, Red Deer, AB 2:00-4:00 am EST.  (IRCA)

Please remember, what's listed as being on, say, Monday "may" be what you
consider Sunday night!

If you try for (or hear) any of these tests, PLEASE post a message letting me
know!  Also, for brevity's sake, I didn't post the QSL addresses; if you need
these, let me know!

Lynn Hollerman - Huntsville AL - Ircacpc@xxxxxxx




XETRA-690 Tijuana BC has been testing after midnight with open carrier


I found another new AM station under construction near 148th & Picadilly Rd
just east of Barr Lake.  It has 4 363 ft towers going up.  Two were up today.
I stopped and talked with the owner of the company installing the towers.  He
gave me a great tour of the site and facility.  The site is KMVP on 760 kHz.
It is owned by Crawford Communications and is licensed in Commerce City.  I
have heard those call letters before.  I think it used to be a sports talk
station with the call letters standing for Most Valuable Player.  At any rate
it appears to be dark right now.  He told me Crawford owns other stations in
the Denver area but he didn't know which ones.  Is there any way of searching
for construction permits for the Denver area?  I'd sure like to see who's
doing what.  Thanks and 73 de Pat, N0NNK

via NRCLOG@xxxxxxxxxxxx - Aurora CO


Alan Roycroft of Broadcasting Services has suffered a bad stroke.  Alan has
been a friend of the DXer needing QSLs from Hawaiian stations for many years.
He has been the Chief Engineer for most of the radio stations in Hawaii at one
time or another, most recently the Chief Engineer for KIPA in Hilo.  Please
send Get Well cards to Alan Roycroft at 5 Kahoa Street, Hilo HI 96720-2205.
This note from Patrick Martin IRCA.

73  Ralph Sanserino


Here's what David Crawford has to say about the 1630 station:

Several of us in FL have been trying to make some sense out of the location.
This has been difficult because of a navaid on the same freq messing up our DF
bearings.  I get a ~40/220 degree azimuth bearing here, and have physically
traveled the heading on the southwest leg and can confirm it's not located
along the 220 line.  Assuming there's only one station on 1630, it's not in
the Caribbean since it stays in past 1500Z here in the daytime (cf previous
logs of Caribbean Christian Radio on usenet).  So, your reported NNW bearings
may actually be SSE.  The IDs are rather sparse, but always the same:  "This
is WJTS, FM 108, AM 1630, John 3:16 Radio where Jesus is Lord."  The FCC has
no record of this one, so it appears to be a pirate of sorts;  WJDM 1660 is
the only station authorized to do any testing at the moment.

73 -- J.D.


Radio Bloemendaal in the Netherlands on 1116 kHz, which since its upgrade to
500W is now audible in a somewhat larger part of Europe, has changed its
transmission times.  Don't know them exactly yet, but they still sign on at
0800 UTC, are on until at least 1300, certainly off air after 1500 and on air
again before and after 1800 ( => evening! ).  Radio Bloemendaal is a small
station, operated (since 1924) by the Reformed Church of Bloemendaal, which
only transmits on Sundays and Christian holidays, mainly church services and
religious and gospel music.

Veronica Nieuwsradio now transmits 24h on 1395 kHz from Lopik with 50 kW (?).
0500-1800 UTC with news, talk and some music, approx. 1804-1834 relay of
Deutsche Welle's Dutch programme, rest of evening and night music and regular
news bulletins.

Gerben Vos, Duivendrecht, The Netherlands <gerben@xxxxxxxx> .


Geomagnetic Summary November 2 1995 through November 8 1995
 Tabulated from WWV at ~0500 GMT nightly

   GEO - Geomagnetic activity     pca - polar cap absorption
   maf - major flare              SA  - Solar Activity
   mas - major storm              spe - satellite proton event
   mis - minor storm              ss  - severe storm

Date    FLUX    A    K    SA          GEO                 OTHER

11/ 2    73    15    1    very low    quiet-mis           -
    3    73     6    2    very low    quiet-unsettled     -
    4    73    12    2    very low    quiet-mis           -
    5    75    11    3    very low    quiet-active        -
    6    75    24    2    very low    unsettled-mis       -
    7    74    10    2    very low    quiet-active        -
11/ 8    76     7    1    very low    quiet-unsettled     -

phil Bytheway - Seattle WA:  phil_bytheway@xxxxxxx




Some misc. tips and notes:

 530  WNAG556  CA, Coronado  Station is still silent, but signs remain up.
 530  WNSB415  CA, South San Diego  Border TIS is still on despite XETIN QRM.
               Gets out well from fairly new xmtr site at CA-905/Beyer Blvd.
               intersection.   (TRH-CA)
 530 WNRS426/427/428 Escondido/Vista/Oceanside TIS stations are active
               sporadically depending on construction.  At any given time, one
               or two of them are usually active.  Tape loop often includes
               all three calls, so be careful when IDing these stations.
 540  XETIN    BCN, Tijuana  Please note these are the correct calls, not
               XETIM as so many people are reporting.  I already have one
               Tijuana station named after me (XHTIM-FM 91.7 ex-91.5, 103.3),
               that's enough!  (TRH-CA)
 690  XETRA    BCN, Tijuana  Power increase to 77,500 watts is apparently on
               from new xmtr site.  Station no longer leases time on KWNK-670
               (KWNK is now on some satellite-fed sports network).  Note
               correct power; earlier CPs had been for 100,000 and 77,000
               watts.  (TRH-CA)
 830 Drive-In  CA, National City. Tiny station, gets out very poorly.  //FM
               89.1  (TRH-CA)
 830/890/900   Drive-In  CA, South San Diego  These seem to be inactive but
               signs still posted.  //FM 89.1, 96.1, 106.1 all in use.
 910  KECR     CA, El Cajon  Local Family Radio affiliate is no longer //FM
               93.3.  They sold the FM for big bucks, and it has actually
               already been sold again.  (TRH-CA)
1030  KEVT     AZ, Cortaro  MM 10/30 0300  Fair-good with English and Spanish
               IDs.  Trying for KFAY DX test, no luck.  (TRH-CA)
1170  KCBQ     CA, San Diego  Station has been sold along with FM 105.3.  New
               owners already own four stations in this market (KOGO-600 San
               Diego, KKLQ-1320 Oceanside, KIOZ-102.1 Oceanside, KKLQ-106.5
               San Diego), so 102.1 was sold and 1320 will probably be donated
               to a local college.  (TRH-CA)
1200  XEYF     SON, Hermosillo   Please note that this station, not XEWT
               Culiacan, is the Radio Formula affiliate.  By the way, as long
               as I'm correcting Radio Formula errors I might as well correct
               my own mistake:  The call letters for the new station in Cancun
               are apparently XECAQ, not XEBAI; I'm still not sure, as most of
               the time I have heard this list recited on XEYF, the reception
               has been poor.  Will try to confirm.  (TRH-CA)
1500           CA, San Diego  Sea World TIS is long gone; delete from
               listings.  (TRH-CA)
1610           CA, South San Diego  Border TIS is long gone; old "tune to 1600
               AM" signs have finally been replaced with new signs telling
               drivers to tune to 530.  Delete from listings.  (TRH-CA)
1610  WNUB568  CA, Chula Vista  Generally NSP and gets out very well.
1610  WNPF405  CA, Balboa Park  Active most days but occasionally silent for a
               few days at a time.  Still not sure if it's an "F" or an "S" in
               the calls due to poor diction of announcers -- can't remember
               if any other DXers ever found out.  (TRH-CA)
1610 TIS (I forget the calls) CA, Cuyamaca Rancho State Park.  TIS is active
               with general information about Paso Picacho and other
               campgrounds.  Gets out very poorly.  Transmitter seems to be
               near the campground areas, not in Descanso which is several
               miles to the south.  (TRH-CA)
1700  WRV829   CA, San Diego  San Diego Jack Murphy Stadium TIS is almost NSP,
               gets out well even during the day.  (TRH-CA)

(TRH-CA)   Tim Hall, 350 G St. #F-1, Chula Vista, CA 91910-4559
ICF-2010, KIWA Loop


Loggings from Chula Vista, CA:

 690  WOKV  FL, Jacksonville 11/8 0650 EST Fair-good over CBU, KHEY, and UNID
            Mexican (XEST?) during local XETRA SP.  Wall Street Journal
            Report, then time check and ID by male announcer broadcasting live
            from City Hall.  A total surprise, caught the whole thing on tape.
            New, FL #5  (TRH-CA)
 690  UNID  Mexican station noted nightly during XETRA SPs with "La Tambora
            Digital" slogan and GMT -7 timechecks.  Almost certainly XEST
            Mazatlan.  (TRH-CA)
1100  WWWE  OH, Cleveland  11/8 0642 EST Huge over KFAX with ID and sports
            news.  Wonder if they were on emergency day power/pattern due to
            Browns move, hi.  Rare here.  (TRH-CA)

Tim Hall, Chula Vista CA   ICF-2010, KIWA Loop   MSNL77A@xxxxxxxxxxx


>From Carlo Sgro, Waterloo, ON, Canada on GE SR2 and Pontiac Grand Am car radio:

1270  WTSN  Dover NH - Oct 28 0715, 33333 with Wx with Tidal Info

 780  WABS  Arlington VA - Oct 28 0800, 34433 with "Help From Heaven" ends; ID
            as "Sunlight 780 WABS"

 730  WACE  Chicopee MA - Oct 28 0802, 23332 with Rlg prg ends 0800; Brief
            station info followed by 1 or 2 minute long religion pgms

 580  CKY   Winnipeg MB - Oct 30 0622, 32333 with ID as "Winnipeg's #1 Oldies
            Station - KY 58"

 550  CFNB  Fredricton NB - Nov 7 0553, 32332 with ID as "Fredricton's Classic
            Hits CFNB"

Grand Am:
1500  WFIF  Milford CT - Nov 7 1559, 31332 with ID as "Life-changing Radio -

1270  WHLD  Niagara Falls NY - Nov 7 1624, 44444 with Light Jazz/MoR

1070  WIBC  Indianapolis IN - Nov 7 1705, 32432 with News; QRM from CHOK

This year, I had two DX targets:  400 new stations by Christmas and 200 new
stations between Nov. 7/94 and Nov. 7/95 (since I had a 13 year hiatus from AM
DXing between 1981 and 1994).  I made the first goal last week and did the
second in the last 24 hour period left to me!  Yay!

Unid help needed on:
1110 kHz: with "Northern Michigan News" and slogan of "The Talk of the North"
      (WJML in Petoskey???)
1370 kHz: ID as "Look who's talking now, the new WNJT" (need location)
1580 kHz: News with a New York orientation; ID sounded like WMAI but it was
      under lousy conditions
1400 kHz: Western New York station with ID "Good times and ?? Music, AM 1400";
      (ordinarily would suspect WWWS but the NRC Log format doesn't

      - Carlo


The following columns appear courtesy the IRCA, PO Box 1831, Perris CA
92572-1831 and are the regular logging columns that appear each week in "DX


EDITOR: Nancy Hardy
        979 Neptune Boulevard
        Billings, Montana 59105-2129

Electronic Mail:  Internet:  WDXR@xxxxxxx   America On Line:  WDXR
                  Compuserve:  74444,3075   Prodigy:  MPNN49B

WDXR DEADLINES:  Each Saturday,  Please use Eastern Time.
(LBG) Larry Godwin-2390 Clydes Dale Lane-Missoula, MT  59801
      Hammarlund HQ-150, Sanserino air-core box loop & KIWA loop
(MEM) Mark McMillan-985 NE 23rd St.-Gresham, OR  97030-2903
      Kenwood TS-440S dipole @ 35'
(bp)  Bruce Portzer-6546 19th Avenue NE-Seattle, WA  98115
      R390A with KIWA loop
      (bp-WA1) DXing at Grayland Beach State Park, WA with 500'
      SW Beverage
(SW)  Stan Weisbeck-411 E. Sinto #203-Spokane, WA  99202
      Sony 2010, KIWA loop
1330 (KUPL)   OR, Portland still off the air as of 10/22 1400.  (MEM-OR)
 530 WNEC422 CA, Los Altos 10/7 0322 fair with continuous loop announcement by
             woman, ID'ing as "WNEC 422, operated by the City of Los Altos,"
             mixing with unID male.  (bp-WA1)
 550   KOY   AZ, Phoenix 10/1 0100 weak, caught top of the hour ID into ABC
             news.  I've only heard them once before and that was in about
             1970!  (SW-WA)
 720   KFIR  OR, Sweet Home 10/7 1118 C& W and promo with call ID.  Ex-1370.
1050   KOFY  CA, San Mateo 10/23 2302 popped up with ID in Spanish as "Coffee,
             Coffee, 1050 AM."  Rare here.  (LBG-MT)
       KHFN  NM, Los Ranchos de Albuquerque 10/22 2315 with network ID
             "Non-stop news, 24 hours a day, this is the news station."  Then
             "The news station, this is newsradio 1050, all news and
             information all the time, this is KHFN."  (LBG-MT)
1200   CKXM  BC, Victoria 10/9 2212 weak, back on with new calls (ex-CKDA) and
             new format (C&W).  "CKXM country, the new 1200."  Their signal is
             much weaker here than CKDA's was.  (SW-WA)
1250   KLLK  CA, Willits 10/7 1200 still in over/under KKDZ et al with ID
             "Mendocino County's new rock alternative, KLLK Willits and KLLK
             FM Ft. Bragg.  (bp-WA1)
1260   KPOW  WY, Powell 10/14 0306 good, Star Spangled Banner into sign off
             announcement.  (SW-WA)
1290   KPHP  OR, Lake Oswego 10/7 1155 good with "K-Praise" ID & promo saying
             KUPL-1330 "Will soon be Born Again."  (bp-WA1)
1310   KNPT  OR, Newport 10/9 2115 fair, sports call-in show based in Portland
             (via KEX, I think), local ads for Newport.  (SW-WA)
1350   CKCI  BC, Parksville 10/3 0600 fair, oldies, ID'd as CKCI Parksville-
             Quaticum Beach.  I called them later in the day to be sure I had
             the correct call letters.  They told me they had just changed
             frequency & calls on 9/29.  Ex-CHPQ 1370.  (SW-WA)
1400   KJDY  OR, John Day 10/10 2015 weak, local news into Paul Harvey show.
             New for me.  (SW-WA)
1410   KERN  CA, Bakersfield 10/7 0053 ID & talk show over/under CFUN.
1490   KJET  WA, Hoquiam 10/7 0002 noted with new call/new format, adcon music
             and woman DJ.  "Flight 149 K-Jet" slogan.  Ex-KGHO.  (bp-WA1)
1580   KGAL  OR, Lebanon 10/5 0600 weak, business news report.  Found them
             thanks to a tip from Larry Godwin.  (SW-WA)
1584   KHIT  NV, Sun Valley 10/7 1057 spur here weak with C&W and promo
             giving away tickets to the superbowl, IDs as "K-Hit 104.5."
             Thought at first I had a DU!  (bp-WA1)
1590 ?KXSP?  CA, Ventura 10/7 0045 probably the strong Spanish mixing with
             KLIV.  Gave promo with slogan as La Super something.  (bp-WA1)
1600   KOHI  OR, St, Helens 10/5 1000 weak, top of the hour ID into network
             news.  Another one I haven't heard in decades!  (SW-WA)
1660   WJDM  NJ, Elizabeth 10/25 2208 all alone with fair signal during ET
             with R&R (The Eagles).  Seemed to go off the air at 2209.  Didn't
             hear an ID; phoned station to confirm.  John Quinn is interested
             in reports to station at 9 Caldwell Place, zip 07201.  WJDM will
             be testing off & on during evenings with powers ranging from 1kw
             to 10kw until regular s/on in early November.  Then it will
             initially broadcast only 1800-2100 ELT with 1kw.  Original tip on
             this one from NRC's DX News.  (LBG-MT)

 560   KLZ   CO, Denver tried but not heard, mostly just KSFO, with KPQ in
             background. (bp-WA)
 590   KID   ID, Idaho Falls 10/14 0219-0234 fair with code IDs & at least one
             voice ID under KAQQ.  (bp-WA)

1260   10/10 0614 network talk show with local ads inserted.  Mentioned West
             Yellowstone.  Ad for local business seminar.  Call letters
             sounded like KLCE.  (SW-WA)
1380   10/7  0911 someone strong with test announcement "CBS Radio Network
             channel 42" then 5 second tone, repeated over and over and over
             again.  Still there at 0950 recheck.  Not noted on later
             rechecks.  Possibly an unattended station tuned to the wrong
             channel on the satellite.  (bp-WA1)
1530   10/7  0646 Spanish announcer & ranchera music under KFBK.  Not sure if
             domestic or foreign.  (bp-WA1)

    Congratulations to Larry on hearing WJDM.  It's not often that someone in
WDXR-land  hears New Jersey!  Hope that everyone is tuning in to the DX tests.
 73 - Nancy


 [As appearing in the November 4, 1995 issue of DX Monitor]
   Editor: John C. Johnson
   Address your reports to:
   E-Mail:  CDXR@xxxxxxx          Snail-Mail:  979 Neptune Blvd.
                                               Billings, MT 59105-2129

America On Line: JohnJ53816       CompuServe: = 74444,3075
Prodigy:  MPNN49A
Report All Times As Eastern.

Deadline:  Saturdays.
[CB-CO]  Craig Barnes, 4645 Saulsbury Street, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033-3534
         Drake SW8, Sony 2002, GR Superadio III, National NC-125
         4 foot, unamplified box loop, multi-band attic dipole, two 70'
         slopers under const.
[TMJ-IL] Tom Jasinski, 419 North Raven, Shorewood, Illinois 60435-9640
         FRG-7 with Quantum loop,  R390A with  2=AB foot loop, Sharp QT50.
[TN-WI]  Tim Noonan, 4609 Crescent Road, Apt. 5, Madison, WI 53711-4672
         Drake SW-4A, "Radio West" loop.
         E-Mail:  tnoonan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
[RS-MO]  Randy Stewart, 4225 West La Casa, Springfield, Missouri 65802-5615
         Yaesu FRG-100 modified by EEB with 6-kc Collins filter, 4-kc
         filter. 15" Sanserino amplified box loop.

 600 WREC TN, Memphis. 10/8. 0516 with ID "WREC in Memphis" and TC followed by
          religious music. [CB-CO]
 610 KILT TX, Houston. 10/8. 0523 with "KILT Rodeo Country" slogan.  country
           music. [CB-CO]
 630 KSCR TX, San Antonio. 10/20 fair to good. 0800 with religious format,
          IDs, phone number 470-KSCR mentioned. [TN-WI]
 730 KWOA MN, Worthington. 10/14 good. 2000 with non-legal ID in baseball.
 770 WVNN AL, Athens. 10/13 good. 1934 with IDs, slogan "The Talk Monster,"
          promos. [TN-WI]
 910 WFDF MI, Flint. 10/14 fair to good. 1853 with ID, weather, standards
          format. [TN-WI]
 960 WERC AL, Birmingham. 10/15 poor. 2015 coming out of Ai news with
          "News-Talk 9-60 WERC." [RS-MO]
 970 KSYL LA, Alexandria. 10/15 poor. 2100 ID discernable in jumble with WAVG
          nulled mixing with WMAY. "Your news, sports, and information
          station, AM 9-70 KSYL Alexandria." [RS-MO]
1010 WPYK AL, Dora. 10/20 fair. 0754 heard ID only. [TN-WI]
1090 KKYN TX, Plainview. 9/22 with local KYBG carrier only nulled. 1757
          with ID, country music Local KYBG was experiencing intermittent
          transmitter problems. [CB-CO]
1130 WSJP KY, Murray. 10/15 fair in KWKH null. 2259 coming out of Elliot Stern
          talk show on Peoples Radio Network. ID "Your local news leader, AM
          11-30 WSJP Murray" into CBS News. [RS-MO]
1140 KZMQ WY, Greybull. 10/18 good u/WRVA. 2127 caught tail-end of sign off.
          "KZMQ Greybull, Wyoming is owned and operated by Big Horn
          Communications Inc., with an effective radiated power of 10,000
          watts." Then transmitter abruptly off the air before end of sign off
          routine!  New for me. [RS-MO]
1220 WAXO TN, Lewisburg. 10/16 fair atop channel. 2026 with promo "New Country
          from Kickin' Country Wax-o." "WAXO" calls at end of promo. [RS-MO]
1230 KFJB IA, Marshalltown. 10/12. 0623 ID, oldies music. Mentioned
          Marshalltown. [CB-CO]
     KFUN NM, Las Vegas. 10/12. 0600 with sign on "Good morning, this is KFUN
          from Las Vegas, New Mexico signing on with 1 kilowatt of power."
1230 KTNC NE, Falls City. 10/13 in briefly. 0824 with ID, but back into mud.
1260 KWHK KS, Hutchinson. 10/13. 1113 with ID and oldies. [CB-CO]
1280 WODT LA, New Orleans. 10/16 poor. 2207 answered my own question of a week
          ago about this call change -- promo for Paul Harvey at end of ABC
          news on the hour, then ID "WODT AM New Orleans." EX-WQUE. [RS-MO]
1360 KNGN NE, McCook. 10/3. 0559 with " on KNGN." Religious format.
          0615 with ID " on McCook, Nebraska's KNGN." [CB-CO]
1380 KBWD TX, Brownwood. 10/16 fair. 2043 with promo "The all new Magic 13-80
          KBWD. Mentioned "...providing a better music mix for the people of
          central Texas." New for me. [RS-MO]
1390 KXSS MN, Waite Park. 9/27. 0550 with call only ID. NOS music. [CB-CO]
1430 KLO  UT, Ogden. 9/22. 2200 with legal ID "This is KLO Ogden" into Ai
          news. PSA after and another ID at 2206 "14-30 KLO." [CB-CO]
1500 KABR NM, Alamo Community. 10/20. 0702 with sign on "This is an opening
          and closing prayer for KABR" with flute music under. ID again at
          0704. [CB-CO]
     KJIM TX, Sherman. 10/20. 0559 with ID, news. Faded out. [CB-CO]
1550 KDCC KS, Dodge City. 10/20. 0637 with ID, NOS music. [CB-CO]
     KUAT AZ, Tucson. 10/18. 1828 with "This is NPR, KUAT, Tucson...." TC, NPR
          news. 1836 "All Things Considered." Jazz format, sign off at 1856
          mentioned simulcast on FM Z(?) -89. [CB-CO]
     KXEX CA, Fresno. 10/18. 2354 with ID "El Mexicano, El XEX en Fresno." SS
          programming. [CB-CO]
         +10/20. 0654 with "La Doble X" slogan. [CB-CO]

 590 ?KID? ID, Idaho Falls. TENTATIVE. 10/14. 0220 & 0240 heard POSSIBLE very
           weak code u/ WOW and WKZO during scheduled DX Test. Note the word
           POSSIBLE. [TMJ-IL]
1000 WDJL  AL, Huntsville. 10/23 good with medium strength signals under
           nulled WMVP. 0200-0235 Heard code and jazz music. Test ended with
           jazz version of SSB at 2035. Unneeded, heard and verified as WTAK
           in 1988. [TMJ-IL]
1320 WAMR  FL, Venice. 10/23 poor in and just above mess with WKAN and others.
           0300-0400 heard TT, variable frequency tones and code. [TMJ-IL]

November 14, 1970 issue of IRCA's "DX Monitor".... Ernie J. Wesolowski of
Omaha, NE said he was 30 and had 47 states verified.... Grant Manning of San
Diego, CA said he spent the day rigging three long wires on top of the
apartments.... Darrell Snook of Salem, OR said he was 15.... Robert Kramer of
Chicago, IL logged his first AL, WAAY.... Bill Likens of Columbus, OH said he
was 15 and his best catch was CBU.

Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous.
A big CDXR welcome to new IRCA member Craig Barnes. Craig, we hope to see your
reports here often!  73, John.


IRCA's Eastern DX Roundup
[Appearing in the November 11, 1995 issue of "DX Monitor"]
Editor:  Lee Freshwater
         414 SE 3rd Street
         Ocaula, FL  34471

Lfreshwate@xxxxxxx or SNAIL MAIL LISTED ABOVE.

                       STARS  OF  THE  WEEK
(LF-FL)    your editor using Hammarlund HQ-180a/Patomic FIM 41
           KIWA/I.R.C.A. loops 100'l.w. E/W E-mail Lfreshwate$AOL.COM
(NjW-ON)   Niel J. Wolfish  112-2177 Avenue Road, Toronto, ONT
           Sony ICF-2010 Radio West Loop    E-mail lobo$
(LH-AL)    Lynn Hollerman  514 Carrsbrook Rd., Huntsville, AL 35803
           DX-440, 60' ext. ant & MJF0956 tuner    via-E-mail
(LH-AL1)   Lynn Hollerman using Nissan car radio

 710  CJRN  ON, Niagara Falls  11/03 0015 noted simulcasting Fort Erie's "The
            Planet" FM-101 with modern rock/alternative rock (whatever you
            call it) (Niel, what I call it I can't print. hi!-ed)  (NjW-ON)
 780  WWOL  NC, Forest City 10/30 1650 w/ "Old Gospel Hour" 1700 ID as "WWOL
            Forest City" into USA News at TOH.  (LF-FL)
 810  WBIC  GA, Royston 10/27  2211 w/ end of H.S. Football. Vry Poor .. "back
            to WBIC in Royston to hear from our sponsors.. Spot for
            Manufactured Homes.. Post game 2212-2218 then "WBIC in Royston now
            signs off.." no info, no SSB.. I list as Daytime Anyone know their
            power at night???  (LF-FL)
 850  WUTK  TN, Knoxville 10/30 1923 in w/CNN headline simo.. promo "This is
            Dave Jackson CBS news & you're listening to WUTK AM- Knoxville.."
            CNN nws to 1928, 2 PSA's then went to simo of Action 10 News from
            WBIR TV 10.  Excellent signal sounded like a local, but no trace
            of local WRUF. (LF-FL)
1150  CKOC  ON, Hamilton 10/30 0350 w/ oldies "This is CKOC-Hamilton" ID..
            Lots of oldies, no news at TOH just liners in to mx. signal mixing
            w/ WJBO/WSPZ.  (LF-FL)
1170  WCLN  NC, Clinton 10/30 1830 ID.."This is WCLN broadcasting the good
            news.  Stay tuned for more good solid gospel at 1170-AM Fair sig
            for a couple of minutes then gave way to KVOO.  (LF-FL)
      KVOO  OK, Tulsa 10/30 1832 in poor w/ weather and promo "News on the
            hour, ?? Sports ?? & weather updates every 20 minutes......, 24
            hours a day on KVOO.." into C&W mx.  (LF-FL)
1210  WBIU  LA, Denham Springs 10/30 1827 w/ spot for Russell's Grill Local
            Sports Talk Show.  Excellent signal.  (LF-FL)
1250  WNOO  TN, Chattanooga 10/30 1800 ID into News "WNOO-Chatanooga". (LF-FL)
1320  WAMR  FL, Venice 10/30 1745 w/ "Whammer weather" "Best mix of Oldies"
            (nice to be able to hear my own station now & then) Mixing with
            regular WJGR.  (LF-FL)
1590  WCBG  PA, Chambersburg 10/27 2045 w/ H.S. Football into break w/ "Back
            in 60 seconds on WCBG sports" (Score was 20-0) Very poor sig.
      WZRX  MS, Jackson  11/3  2030 Hrd while typing column up from the mud
            with "WZRX".. Very poor mixing w/WKTP.  (LF-FL)
1660  WJDM? NJ, Elizabeth  11/1 2009 very weak signal during thunderstorm
            here playing oldies mx. Faded out soon after. I would've thought
            it would have been stronger! (LH-AL1) (perhaps they were testing
            their 1kw nightime mode. I caught them several weeks ago very
            strong here-ed)


                        SPECIAL INTEREST
 610  CKTB  ON, St Catharines  11/2  1920 heard announcement during "Radio
            India" pgm that CKTB would be off for transmitter maintenance for
            a couple of hours on 11/2 & 11/3. Checked at 0035 on 1/3 and CKTB
            was off (sometimes leaving carrier on) leaving behind WIP & WTVN.
1150  WRMQ  FL, Orlando  May have started simo w/WHKR 102.7 Rockledge (Has
            been Spanish: co-owned with WONQ in Ovideo, FL) Park Barton has
            heard a station on 1150 ID'ing as WHKR 102.7 Rockledge.. Not
            ID'ing w/ AM calls, playing C&W music... Not being fluent in
            Spanish, I usually bypass 1150 during the day. Got home too late
            to do it tonight, but I will let you all know next week what we
            find out. (LF-FL)


 700  ????  Who is on 700 and carries the ESPN radio network? Two signals here
            the evening of 10/28, one with MOYL mx that Id'ed tentatively as
            WQBS, the other with the ESPN network sports talk show. One HAS to
            be WLW... is that the ESPN net? Anybody have any info on that WQBS
            ID? I don't have anything listed like that.  (LH-AL)
1410  WKKP  GA, McDonough.  10/30 1851 May be now simo w/ WJGA 92 FM in
            Jackson. "Send church anncmts to 92FM WJGA.." hrd spot for ???
            "I-75 exit 68 in Locust Grove.."  (LF-FL)
1580  WBBE  KY, Georgetown 11/2 1819 Hrd numerous mentions of "oldies- 1580"
            Live jock but no calls.. Hrd. Spot for concert in Louisville and
            Pol spot for KY Gov. race.. Have they changed to oldies from
            stnds??  (LF-FL)


                            DX TESTS
Nothing on the DX tests this week.  Tried for the KFAY test but WBZ and WONQ
were dominating the frequency.. WONQ may have been on high power.  Got some
response to the WAMR DX test.. Herb Newberry of Manfield, Ga sent a GREAT tape
as did Henry Lazaus of New Orleans.  Also heard from Greg Myers-Richmond, Va
John Hanz-Old Bridge, N.J Jim Pogue in Memphis.  Also a GREAT tape from David
Gasque in S.C.  Thanks to you all.  Lynn Hollerman says the test may have been
heard in New Zealand as well.  That would be exciting for the station.  Looks
like the DA-D got out the Best The DA-N hardly at all.  The Non-DA was a bit
tricky, as it is never used and had a reflected power problem we didn't know
about.  In fact I was out in the field at 0000 replacing an RF contactor so
the DA-D could run.. The transmitter would not run NDA at 5KW, I had to turn
it down to 2.5K to get it to run.  Veries will be sent as soon as I get the
new letterhead and some other promotional type "stuff"


Well, thats about it for this week.  A big welcome to Niel.. Lets send in
those DX reports!!!!  Don't forget the FAX line is available 24 hr a day at
904-732-7223.. E-mail LFreshwate$AOL.COM.. Got to go now, it's DX time 73's
and my best to you all... FRESH


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