propagation .......
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propagation .......

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These  days I had  again a quesion about propagation and the P 
parameter inside the SINPO 

As a refreshment  to my knowledge Iam asking you how you can define 
this propagation 
 1) as the phaenomenon  caused by the ionosphere eg all the 
iieregularities caused by it ? 
as an example the previous days i have listened  to V of Indonesia 
9525  under a signal of SINFO 45434 with F as fading , on 9-11095  
until 2045 when  their  signal  dropped down  to 21431 with QRM from 
9520 from R F E ? 

2) the fading  depth?  This is how I can define the term P when I use 
the full SINPFEMO code 
Please advise me .....

teman  setia  anda*

Zacharias Liangas
DX sejak 72
anggoata World DC club 2104 
pemakai dgn Win95:)))dan  Pegasus:))))) 

* semboyan SBC 89!
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