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re West Coast NA

I've been listening last week & more using my 230m Bev at home in East Anglia
but I've had no sign of WC NA. Conditions have been good but not exceptional;
no mid west (WHO, KMOX, WBAP, CKMW are my usual indicators down in Southern
England) A couple of UK firsts logged in England on 1570 in last week from
Indiana and N Carolina.

However we've still got 3 people up at Sheigra. For them I expect its a
different story. I don't know how they're getting on as they have to walk two
miles to a phone and if DX is good they probably haven't got the time!
Hopefully condx will repeat from 25-27th October when some really good DX was
heard at Sheigra using a less than complete set up. Washington, Alaska,
Oregan and Montana were heard well. Oregan and Montana are very rare in the
UK (mind you there are still a few states that have never been heard
including Kansas, Wyoming, Nevada). In the period 28-30th October we had
Alaska, California, British Columbia at Sheigra but I've heard them all
better on previous trips.

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