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>re West Coast NA
>I've been listening last week & more using my 230m Bev at home in East Anglia
>but I've had no sign of WC NA...

I've been listening too, on fri-sat and sunday night on MW. Apart from
usual NA's on 1500-1510-930, Venezuela on 1470-1500 and Colombia on 1380, I
could hear only incredibly strong carriers all over the band, with no voice
at all...
And this is the same story, for the past months. In 20 years I am in the
hobby, I think I have never seen such a situation: incredible "virtual"
openings, no voices, no sounds. Does anyone have a good explanation for
that? I might have an idea, but what really happens with "mute" dxing? Bye
everybody, ROC

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