Re: Neo-Nazis on WDCD???
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Re: Neo-Nazis on WDCD???

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Thomas Adam <dosteam@xxxxxx> wrote:

> on last sunday morning (0330 UTC) I heard American Dissident Voices
> on AM 1540 kHz. At that time I've been listening to CHIN on the
> frequency. I wonder who's emitting the program that is related to
> the neo-nazi E. Zuendel??? Correlated to the reception-conditions
> the obvious guess is WDCD or less probable Bahamas.

While WDCD is a relatively new station, they are on the same network as
WDCW-1390 Syracuse NY, which has been on the air for some time, and is regular
here in Connecticut. I do not ever hear this kind of program on that station.
But I have heard some right-wing political programs on KXEL-1540 Waterloo, Iowa.
I will try to remember and listen this weekend and see what is heard here.

David Yocis

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