Anybody want to meet me?
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Anybody want to meet me?

This message is sent by Risto Kotalampi <rko>
to hard-core-dx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:

Howdy... this is not really hard-core-dx issue but I take a privilegy
of mailing this because I have already paid bunch of $$$ sponsoring
this list...:)

I am coming to U.S.A. and Canada on December 27th and leaving Januaty 24th 
and would like to also meet some Hard-Core-DXers if possible, radio stations, 
receiver shops etc. My itin shows now like this:

Wed Dec 27	11.35-12.10	Tampere-Helsinki, AY803 *
		14.15-15.55	Helsinki-New York (JFK), AY103 *
		19.30-22.00	New York (JFK)-Atlanta, DL063 *
Fri Jan 5			Atlanta-Cookeville, TN
Sun Jan 7			Cookeville-Atlanta
Mon Jan 8	07.55-10.20	Atlanta-Miami, Air South #205 *
Wed Jan 10	20.15-21.45	Miami-Atlanta, Air South #218 *
Tue Jan 16			Atlanta-Nashville
Wed Jan 17	15.25-18.15	Nashville-Phoenix, Southwest Airlines #1364 *
		19.00-22.00	Phoenix-Seattle, Southwest Airlines #1493 *
Fri Jan 19			Seattle-Vancouver
Sun Jan 21			Vancouver-Seattle
Wed Jan 24	08.00-16.03	Seattle-New York (JFK), UA235 *
		17.55-		New York (JFK) *
		     -08.50	              -Helsinki, AY104 *
Thu Jan 25			Helsinki-Tampere, AY822 *

So, any of you hard-core-dx-ers on route or any ideas about visiting some
radio stations?


Risto Kotalampi

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