Re: Anybody want to meet me?
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Re: Anybody want to meet me?

This message is sent by salmaniw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Walter  (Volodya) Salmaniw)
to hard-core-dx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:

>I am coming to U.S.A. and Canada on December 27th and leaving Januaty 24th 
>and would like to also meet some Hard-Core-DXers if possible, radio stations, 
>receiver shops etc. My itin shows now like this:
>		19.00-22.00	Phoenix-Seattle, Southwest Airlines #1493 *
>Fri Jan 19			Seattle-Vancouver
>Sun Jan 21			Vancouver-Seattle
>Wed Jan 24	08.00-16.03	Seattle-New York (JFK), UA235 *

>So, any of you hard-core-dx-ers on route or any ideas about visiting some
>radio stations?
>Risto Kotalampi

Hello Risto!  Sorry I haven't had a chance to read some of my e-mail until
tonight.  Here's an invitation to visit Victoria, BC.  Were on Vancouver
Island, kind of half way between Seattle and Vancouver.  Lovely ferry
connections from both cities and really worthwhile if you have a day or two.
Some hard-core DX types in town here, ie Nick Hall-Patch and Colin Newell as
well as myself.  Drop me a line if you're interested.

                      Walter Salmaniw.

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