Neo-Nazis on 1540?
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Neo-Nazis on 1540?

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I promised to follow up on what Thomas Adam <dosteam@xxxxxx> had written:

> on last sunday morning (0330 UTC) I heard American Dissident
> Voices on AM 1540 kHz. At that time I've been listening to CHIN
> on the frequency. I wonder who's emitting the program that is
> related to the neo-nazi E. Zuendel??? Correlated to the
> reception-conditions the obvious guess is WDCD or less probable
> Bahamas.

I remembered to check today at 0350 UTC Sunday NOV 26. I'm hearing WDCD loud and
dominant with their usual light Christian pop music, with KXEL weak but clear in
the null with a right-wing religious preacher; the program was "Call to Worship"
with a Michigan address, KXEL ID at 0400. No sign of CHIN or Bahamas.

I'd be quite certain that what you heard was *not* WDCD. KXEL is more likely
than the Bahamas, based on what I've heard on both stations in the past. Even
though WDCD is much closer to me (115 miles to WDCD, 976 miles to KXEL), I
almost always have a good and readable signal from KXEL, and I would think
they'd make it well to Europe.

David Yocis	Norwalk CT, USA

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