MW logs from Newfoundland
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MW logs from Newfoundland

This message is sent by Jean Burnell <jburnell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
to hard-core-dx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:

The following MW logs were made at a location just outside St. John's, 
Newfoundland, Canada.  There some tentative and unID stations among 
these...ideas regarding the identity of any of these, and any other cogent 
comments would be welcomed!

Jean Burnell   -   jburnell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Receiver:	Icom IC-R71A
Antenna:	long-wire (240-meters) aimed at Britain
Location:	Middle Cove (near St. John's), Newfoundland, Canada

Dates and times are UTC:

570	GREENLAND  KNR, Nuuk, 24 Nov, 0203-0206 - Up briefly above the domestic 
QRM and splatter from VOCM w/ talk in Greenlandic, // 720. (I could not detect 
the other listed KNR outlets on 650, 810 and 900). SIO 232

720	GREENLAND  KNR, Simiutaq, 24 Nov, 0147-0203 - Man and woman w/ nx in 
Danish, nx ended at 0201 then mx bridge of 10-15 secs, time tone, then 
Greenlandic talk. QRM mainly from CHTN; SIO 433-2

864	UNID, 23 Nov, 1950-2003, 2040 - Religious programming in 
American-accented EE (sounded like a syndicated US program); beneath a huge 
Egyptian signal and also a little QRM from Spain; SIO 222-1. Can anyone tell me 
who this is? 

954	UNID, 23 Nov, 1934 - Beneath Spain, AA mx by man; SIO 322. This was 
definitely not // 7210, which I had IDed as Qatar a few days earlier.

963	FINLAND  YLE, Pori, 23 Nov, 2134 - Woman in Finnish talking about sex; 
SIO 444

972	UKRAINE  UR2, Kopani, 23 Nov, 2139 - Clas organ mx, clear signal (SIO 
444); // 1242 (poor), 1377 (poor), and 1404 (fair). No hint of anything on 1378 
kHz or on 1567 kHz.

1017	ENGLAND  tent WABC, Shrewsbury, 23 Nov, 2145-2151, 2159-2205 - Beneath a
generally good German signal, glimpses of a stn in British-accented EE w/ old 
pops. I think WABC is the only British stn on this freq, but I would have loved 
to discern an ID. SIO 221

1260	tent WALES  Marcher Gold, Wrexham, 23 Nov, 2056-2101 - Just fragments, 
but caught a stn telephone number just before 2100: 01978 751543, which I think 
is a Wrexham number; SIO 222-1. Initially had a Russian or Ukrainian/Engish 
lesson here but this faded away; freq was being overwhelmed by WEZE.

1404	IRAN  IRIB, Rasht, 23 Nov, 1938-1948 - EE news and "Political 
Commentary"; over the Ukraine until 1948 when Iran faded down considerably; 
peaks to SIO 333.

1413	OMAN  BBC Relay, Masirah Is., 23 Nov, 2044-2048 - Only BBC WS noted in 
EE while looking for Premier R.; SIO 232

1466.9	 MOLDOVA  VO Russia, Grigoriopol, 23 Nov, 2105-2113 - EE pgm w/ news, 
headlines, and "News and Views"; // 1494 (which was much better); QRM presumably
from TWR, SIO 322

1485	ENGLAND  BBC R. Humberside, 23 Nov, 2007-2011 - Discussion of local 
issues, people introduced from that part of the UK, one "BBC Humberside" ID 
noted; the QRM was mainly another BBC station w/ a jazz program; SIO 322

1485	UNID, 23 Nov, 2035 - Very briefly and weakly w/ considerable QRM: seemed
like really hideous heavy metal mx -- NRK on 1314 was playing garbage by Napalm 
Death at the time, but the 1485 signal was too fractured to establish a // -- 
SIO 111

1503	ENGLAND  BBC R. Stoke on Trent, 23 Nov, 1918-1931 - Clas mx pgm, 
publicity for local concert events, ID as "BBC Radio Stoke"; QRM from an unID 
stn in AA and rock mx from likely Poland; SIO 322.

1530	ENGLAND  tent  BBC R. Essex, Southend, 23 Nov, 1931 - Jingle and hype 
for "Jukebox", short clips of 4 oldies, then DJ asked listeners to phone 03(or 
2)45-445512 to vote for one of them; faded away shortly afterwards; SIO 322. I 
can't find what the British 0345 city code is, but 0245 corresponds to R. Essex.
The other two British stations on 1530 would have telephone numbers that do not 
match at all.

1530	ICELAND  Navy Broadcasting Svc., Kefklavik, 23 Nov, 2018-2031 -  
US-accented ancrs w/ many PSA's, some for military programs, C+W mx pgm; mix of 
stations here w/ Vaticana and this dominant; SIO 322

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