more TA DX
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more TA DX

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I have been receiving a carrier on 1314 kHz nearly nightly for the last 10
days, with snippets of audio, generally from 0200 to 0600 UTC.  There has
been no other TA evidence to speak of.

However, at 2305 UTC Nov 26, with still 1.5 hours to local sunset, I noticed
a good TA carrier on 1314.  Unfortunately, I had to go out, and it was
already fading down somewhat.  Patrick Martin in Seaside, Oregon said that
he had still been receiving a carrier from S.Korea on 1566 at local noon a
few hours before, so absorption was obviously way down.  The evening hours
were not particularly good, just more 1314 carrier with traces on 1134 and
1017, and this morning (Nov 27 UTC), Trans-Pacific conditions were poor.
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