DX and QDX logs
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DX and QDX logs

This message is sent by Zacharias Liangas <zliangas@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
to hard-core-dx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:

some logs  made the last days  from the magnificent  town of 
LItohoron  ( Mount Olympos23E 40N )  in our coutryhouse 
Please do not delete Litohoron from the adress ! 

15295 V of Malaysia . normally  a 00000  in Thessaloniki , thisperiod 
heared as 12x31 in Litohoron  at 0925 in EE , Hrd  also *1515bamar 
same lvls ( 24 Nov, Liangas. Litohoron, Greece) 

3335 BCC Taiwan w classic msx 1741 , strong pop levels 22212 to 32213 
heared until  2200 ( 24+25  NOv ,Liangas , LItohoron Greece ) 

MArianas Islands
15380 KFBS Saipan , normally in thessaloniki not heard. InLitohoron 
at 24433 levels to 34433 transmits  08-0830 09-0930 days 08-1000 Sun 
in malay with mosly  malay oldies songs. This  was previously know to 
me as KSDA  .... ( 24+25  NOv ,Liangas , LItohoron Greece ) 

9680 RRI Pr nasional : In thessaloniki  heared max 22242 in indonesian
1300-1600  however in LItohoron  heared  at 33333 same times 25/11 
heard again 2325-0045 at 44433 when R Tailand  in 2345 signed on 
At 24/11 not heared (25  NOv ,Liangas , LItohoron Greece ) 

no sign of 4925 RRI Jambi 

teman  setia  anda*

Zacharias Liangas
DX sejak 72
anggoata World DC club 2104 
pemakai dgn Win95:)))dan  Pegasus:))))) 

* semboyan RTM 1/2
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