a few more logs
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a few more logs

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Here are a few that weren't in the big report sent earlier this week.
            Report from: Mark Connelly - WA1ION 

  [Connelly-MA] = Billerica, MA <home>  (GC = 71.22 W / 42.54 N)
   Receiver used: JRC NRD-525     
 Antenna systems: two 37 m slopers (east, west) to proto-MWDX-7
                  phasing unit with 50 m horizontal loop as
                  floating ground for noise reduction via
                  transformers; MWT-3 regenerative preselector
         e-mail = MarkWA1ION@xxxxxxx
 DATES: 1995 (UTC/GMT)          TIMES: UTC/GMT            


891  ALGERIA, Algiers, NOV 29 0027 - excellent (but w/ shrill "tin-
can" audio), AA vocal w/ strings and flutes; overpowering WBPS/
WLS-890.  [Connelly-MA] 
918  SPAIN, R. Intercontinental, Madrid, NOV 30 0422 - SS talk, C&W 
style vocal; poor.  [Connelly-MA] 

1152  SPAIN, RNE5 synchros, NOV 30 0430 - pop / nostalgia music, 
then SS talk.  [Connelly-MA]                                                              

1349  MAURITANIA, R. Mauritanie, Nouakchott, DEC 1 2212 - good on car 
radio during commute home from work in Lowell: wailing female vocal, 
reducing aurora-weakened 1350 domestics to a background het.  This is
often good at the beach, but clear audio on a car radio 20 miles /
32 km inland is fairly uncommon.  I would suspect that other
Africans would have been good at the time, especially for DXers with 
a serious location / receiver / antenna set-up.  [Connelly-MA] 
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