What U.S. station is "La Super 1590"?
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What U.S. station is "La Super 1590"?

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Please help if you can - I've been trying to find out the identity of a 
Spanish-language station on the frequency of 1590 kHz AM identifying 
itself as "La Super 1590".

Based on my antenna direction, it must be from the Western part of the
U.S., more specifically I believe it's from California. If I got it 
right, they announced a telephone number 640-1590, area code unknown. Any 
folks out there in the West who could check the dial and/or phone directory?

I picked up this station in October here in Finland with a 1000-meter-long
beverage antenna. Also some other DXers here have heard the same slogan,
but no one is sure of the identity of the station. If you can help, please
e-mail me directly. 73's

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