Kiwa MW Loop, QSLs
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Kiwa MW Loop, QSLs

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I wonder whether any of you have tried the pricy and kind of legendary Kiwa
MW Loop and can make a short statement about its real performance. I think
in Europe it´s available in the U.K. these days. And how does the FRoG-100
perfom on MW? Fanx for any comment.

For anyone who might have missed today´s DX PARTYLINE: HCJB will shift its
EE service to Europe from 1700-2000 to 1900-2200 UTC on a new QRG 11960 kHz
from January 1996. 19m was useless during the past weeks. Here in D the
morning transmission on 6050 still comes in fine. At least the first hour of it.

QSL items

Radio Jordan 11810 kHz full data card, sticker, sked, v/s Jawad Zada,
Director, reply in two months, no IRC or green stamp or something else. This
of course is not a rare item. But the quick answer comes as a surprise

NOREA Radio 1503 kHz full data card, magazines, sked in two months, v/s Jens
Lunnergard (QTH: Hemmingsmarksv. 139, S-944 93 Hemmingsmark, Sweden;
Tel/Fax: +46-911-33133), very friendly answer; some weeks ago I also
received a QSL from their office in Norway.

Witch City Radio 6955U full data card #48 with note "nice catch" (I agree
with that. I also tried to listen to U.S. pirates in Quito but no luck at
all.), letter, 2 green stamps, reply in around four weeks

73 de Harald Kuhl

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